Oodassault-Pistol Review

Here is my take on the Oodassault-Pistol By TheDunkis.

Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Oodassault-Pistol/

Before I start, I'd like to highly recommend it.

and reliable.
Also has a safety, and is very innovative.

Small, but it is very reliable.
Note that it is slow to reload.
Is also very new.

Not much to say, but it feels good,
and is very sturdy.

It looks iffy, but it is really good.
The bullets fly extremely straight,
and are pretty powerful.

Innovation: 10/10 Almost all of this gun is 100% TD.
Accuracy 10/10 I can hit a small target from 20 feet using the sights.
Trigger: 9/10 Feels great, and is very reliable.
Strength: 8/10 Like most 3-layer pistols, it could be broken quite easily.
Range: 8/10 It shoots quite far, and maintains it's accuracy.
Comfort 8/10 Trigger feels very good, and so does the handle.
Reload: 8/10 The mag is slow to reload,but it is VERY reliable.
Mod room: 8/10 This gun could have many mods for various reasons.
It is built so you can easily change things like: Change ammo type (?)
Add longer barrel, stock...etc.....
Looks 7/10 It's not very realistic, but it looks cool.
Raw Power: 7/10 Oodammo tends to be not very damaging, but it
more than makes up for that with it's accuracy.

I love this gun. Love it.
But the mag is too small and slow to reload.
This makes a great sidearm, but just don't plan on
reloading this while running away from the enemy.

Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Oodassault-Pistol/

It would make a good gun to make two of then have a mini war

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knexguy8 years ago
Erm, I do this to every review I see, but... It's overrated in places. 'Strength: 8/10 Like most 3-layer pistols, it could be broken quite easily.' Then why, oh why, did you give it an 8/10?
chopstx knexguy8 years ago
Because it's basically average.
First off, why revive this topic? Secondly, 5/10 is average. Ratings have gone the way of grades. People expect 8s and 9s just as much as they expect As and Bs. You can't rate lower without making it look like a 5 is an F instead of just average.
Yes, you a right.
God you're fast...
Anyways I kind of feel like reviewing a gun to show people how you should rate something. At first I always thought I was rather harsh but in reality I'm just honest. Problem is I don't have many pieces at all so I've pretty much never made a gun by someone else. I don't have any ideas at the moment though so I may consider building something that doesn't take many pieces as long as it looks like a fun gun and the person is willing to take a "harsh" review.
Maybe you could try Lowney's oodammo pistol.  It uses low parts and hasn't been reviewed before.
Nah no oodammo pistols please. If I wanted to I'd make my own mini oodammo pistol but they're getting really old really fast. Then again having a rather tiny oodammo pistol that any knexer could easily build many of sounds decent.
well what are you gonna review then?
The winner of the challenge I'm about to post.
I think I know why people dont want to give low ratings.  They fear flaming.  I gave something a 5/10 once for it being flimsy, and I got flamed for it, the topic is gone now.
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