Oodassault Pistol Review

This is a review of TD's newest pistol on Ibles, the Oodassault Pistol.
Review requested by TD.

Range: 7/10
25-30 feet with 2 64's. Could be better, but not very bad for a pistol.

Looks: 9/10
Bleh. I don't look for how a gun looks, just reliability and power.
But I'd say it looks pretty good.

Strength(in terms of holding together) and Comfort: 7/10
The back of the pistol exploded once for me. I wouldn't recommend putting too many rubberbands, the back may explode if you do.
Also, the thicker part or the handle (middle layer) was pretty flimsy for me, and broke pretty often.
After replacing the blue clip with a tan clip, it stayed in place and never broke off. No biggie.
Other than that, very sturdy.
Handle's very comfy, no rods sticking out anywhere.

Reliability: 10/10
Not once has this pistol jammed, or the trigger system failed.

Power: 8/10
Not too bad. Dents my super-special awesome cardboard (with extra reinforcement) a bit from a good 5-10 feet away.

Accuracy: 9/10
This uses oodammo, of course it's very accurate.
I can hit a 3-inch target from about 15-20 feet away (and I suck at aiming lol).

Extra Features/Sights: 7/10
Sights are kinda unnecessary, but fun use if shooting at stationary targets from a REALLY short distance.
Safety is also fun to play with, and pretty innovative. Nice work, TD.

Piece Efficiency: 10/10
Uses very little parts, and gets the job done.

Overall: 8.4/10
Very good pistol for playing around and war (for a sidearm).
Reliable and powerful (for a pistol), this is a must build for anyone with the pieces.

Ible: http://www.instructables.com/id/Oodassault-Pistol/

EDIT: I have a bad sense of measuring. My friend with better depth perception came over today. He estimated about 20 feet flat with 2 #64s. Whoops :S
And TD's right, I do rate too high.

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TheDunkis6 years ago
Mind reviewing my new oodassault pistol if I happen to post instructions? I updated it even further from the current version on youtube.
NYPA TheDunkis6 years ago
I will! as long as i get enough info. And instructions.
TheDunkis NYPA6 years ago
Alright. I might post it this weekend and I'll send you the unpublished version. I wanna make sure the gun isn't only good in my hands and eyes and suckish in everyone else's.
NYPA TheDunkis6 years ago
Via what? E-mail? cordak88@yahoo.com
razzlekunai (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
NYPA6 years ago
2 staples #64's got me 60 feet. 45'd of course.
razzlekunai (author)  NYPA6 years ago
Yeah, go shoot it flat.
Storm9507 years ago
I got 25-30 feet with just one band. This is easily one of my favourite guns.
razzlekunai (author)  Storm9507 years ago
Well then, you must have magical rubber bands.
So that's where they went... :P
Or your rubberbands are cursed :S
razzlekunai (author)  Der Bradly7 years ago
...... Damn you, Walmart. Damn you.
Walmart= US communism.
Salvation army= CAN Communism
Not really, the people at the top must make bucketloads.

Actually, that does = communism. But not the theory, the reality.
I shoot all my knex guns with one band.
razzlekunai (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
... That's great....
they arent #64 either.
razzlekunai (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
...Woohoo.... Why're you telling me this?
becuz i canzerz! :-P
Just regular 64# really.
razzlekunai (author)  Storm9507 years ago
Oh. Nevermind then I have tons of those.
Bartboy7 years ago
Wow... The final rating is almost equal to mine!
knexguy7 years ago
I think guns' range and power should be judged with however many bands they can hold, rather than a set amount. That way, structural strength can be tested too.
TheDunkis7 years ago
Muchos gracias senor! Me le gusta! ...I think I said that right. Works for me although hopefully people don't think those ratings are too high. For example how did you test accuracy? I think for something to be 10/10 it must be able to hit a target at its max range. Otherwise yeah I agree with most of it. Thanks again.
razzlekunai (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
I think for something to be 10/10 it must be able to hit a target at its max range.
Good point. Bullets tend to have a parabolic travel (As Mepain said), so it's theoretically impossible for any gun to hit a target at a max range (unless you're aiming for the ground lol).
I overrate things alot XD

Muchos gracias senor! Me le gusta!
Correction: Mucho gracias, senor! Me gusta mucho!
(Canadian) EH! THANKS DUDE!
(canadian reply) Oh Ya, you betcha!
Oi, Im the Canadian, I make the Canadian comments, eh dude?
No fair. You get Canadian and half the other knexers get British so what do I get? Texan? WELL HOWDY Y'ALL! Not my thing...I'm in Minnesota. We're practically half Candian right there, eh?
travw TheDunkis7 years ago
Darth Gecko Man and I get Washington... "COWS!!!"
LoL I s'pose... Good ol stereotypes...
Want to come round for a good old game of croquet and have afternoon tea and scones? Stereotypes are funny
And tea cakes, to be sure old chap!
Crumpets as well old bean.
Sounds positively spiffing.
Well toodle pipski, I can't hang around.
razzlekunai (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
Maybe I should make a forum topic for the sole purpose of stereotyping. What d'you think? :P
Up you you old boy!
razzlekunai (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
And then there are the Brutish knexers. ;)
lol yeah!
oops yeah didn't mean to put that s on muchos but otherwise I didn't say "I like a lot" I said "I like it" And yeah well I guess that's true too so I guess it would have to be it's "flat range" although you can still see how horizontally accurate a gun is even when the bullet falls seeing how humans are generally tall targerts I don't care for verticle accuracy. I've found that the laws of physics will actually create a small amount of recoil on some powerful repeaters which makes the gun move upwards ever so slightly.
"Many thanks sir! I he likes!" A little off.
Are you sure you didn't mix up le "it" for el "he" ? And if you really want to get technical I said "It is pleasing to me"
"El" is not "he", it's "the". For it to be "he" it needs an accent mark above the "e", as in "él".
Dude stop getting technical. I was joking around and you come in here like you want recognition for something. I took two years of spanish so I know this. I didn't find it important to find an e with an accent just so I could make a comment. If you knew this then why didn't you know le meant it?
You know it, but you know it wrong. Oh, and "é" is made by holding alt while typing in 130 on the numpad. "Le" is one of those words with somewhat varied meaning, depending on how it's used. Get your facts straight before you try and pull one on me.
Oops I think I mixed up direct wtih indirect objects which was still closer than your corrections. I should have used lo. No one won here so...
I made no corrections, I just pointed out what was wrong, thank you.
Advice for the future-pointing out any mistakes does someone no good if you don't help fix them.
The first step to fixing any problem is figuring out that something's wrong. So... yes, I was helping.
travw7 years ago
I measured and I get 45 feet with 2 #64's. But I put the rubber bands on the 2 orange connectors coming off the top of the magazine.
Sting Teddy7 years ago
I agree with this review 100%! Another good gun TD.
K.S.E7 years ago
I belive this pistol owns i have not have had a knex war but i would have this at my side along with young cookie boy's v2 break action rifle
Der Bradly7 years ago
Here would be mine Range: 9/10 35-45 feet with 2 64's. Really good. My favorite pistol yet. Looks: 8/10 Somewhat low on part density Comfort: 7.5/10 Its alright. I would prefer a better place to put my thunb Reliability: 10/10 Never jammed or failed Power: ?/10 I don't test power Accuracy: 8/10 Accurate, but flies a bit high Extra Features: 5/10 Just some not so useful stuff for rare pieces Piece Efficiency: 10/10 Uses low pieces. Alot of y clips though
razzlekunai (author)  Der Bradly7 years ago
Thumb...? Where else is there to put that on the pistol?
I mean look on the Ksayer. There is a little orange bendy rod that makes the thumb feel really confy.
razzlekunai (author)  Der Bradly7 years ago
But this isn't the Ksayer.... And most pistols have that kind of... place you put your thumb on.
I never said it was the Ksayer, I just want this pistol to feel like it
razzlekunai (author)  Der Bradly7 years ago
Feel free to mod it.
I never said I wantes to :P
hay I've been on this sight over a year and I just got an account a while ago but knex innovation is my second sight i go to for knex stuff like guns anyways the gun looks really cool but i like the other on thats on knex innovation. p.s. i am a big freak/geek about knex.