Oops! I think I broke Instructables!

Oops - I slightly broke the website. Just a little bit.

The thread "...bigger than its belly can" has too many full stops in the title, which confuses computers, apparently.


I was just pointing out that, of all the engines you'd expect to see here, nobody has made a pulse jet engine. Yes, I made a jam jar version, but nobody has made a real one.

I don't know why, they're very easy (basically a big pipe with a fuel supply and no consideration for the neighbours).

Maybe you'd just like to buy one off ebay, or maybe you'd like to look at the pictures of the jet mounted on a scooter, imagine what the ride would be like, and tremble slightly in anticipatory panic...

I got a message from the seller:

I have a video of it doing approx 70mph down Croft start/finish straight,the moped has now gone as the plastic wheels did not last long !!.

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I remember floppys floppies square thingies
I remember floppies that were truly floppy (remember the "nearly" 8 inch floppy ? or the 5.25 inch floppy ?).
I have a few of those sitting in my closet right now. I think they have DOS on them actually... (the 8" ones).
I have a few of the 5.25 " floppies (the 8 " ones were used on mainframes a lot for IML code), and even a drive or two....doubtful any machine I have would support them though :-) Ack, Dinosaur speak.....IML LOL
Did you mean :
I remember ~~floppys~~
I remember floppys
That last one...I stink at HTML lol.
Nono, they don't use HTML here. I was demonstrating how to do strikethrough, double tildas ( ~x2 )
I ~~like~~ love cheese
Will make...
I like love cheese
Oh, ok thanks!
Hello Kitty9 years ago
I agree with II. 13. LOL!!! :-0 hahahahaha
ll.139 years ago
Nice, the gas can is in front for when you crash. =)
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