Open Discussion of Chatroom Moderation Techniques

As chatroom mods, we try to keep the chatroom up to snuff. Sifting out the bad, making the room presentable to new members. So, speaking for all of the moderators in the Instructables Chatroom, how well/bad/mediocre are we doing our jobs? Is there anything we can improve on, would you like to join us, and be a mod? Make your voice heard!

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KentsOkay9 years ago
Everyone's doing a good job,

cough i wouldnt mind cough
I nominate you!
been there done that
Awww! Such faith in me, I'm touched, very much touched...
How do you quantify levels of touchedness...
Better late than never...

pascals, or for the Imperials, psi.
That only takes pressure in to account... what about the amount of surface area involved...
My...a bit forceful, aren't we?

Don't blame me, Adrian told me to be more punny!
And it shall be that way!
Untouched Slightly Brushed Grazed Bumped Body Slammed
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