Open Note To Those Who Are Harassing Others

. I don't know if y'all realize it or not, but most of y'all have left enough hints as to who you really are that a motivated person could track you down without a whole lot of effort. If that same person has a White Knight complex, it could mean serious problems for you. . As far as I know, no one like that exists on Ibles, but are you willing to take the risk? If I were you, I'd find another way to get my jollies. . Just another tip from Ol' Uncle Nacho. ;)

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Kiteman9 years ago
A specific individual has just come to my notice. They've had my warning.
He has been dealt with. I'm thinking of "Power".
Power is banned AGAIN!
You mean do-not-turn-off-power is banned again???
hes unbanned now
But he's been awfully quiet since.

He's either left, learned his lesson, or he's using that illicit extra identity.
Kiteman, I'll take door number 3!
Not that I was hinting or anything.

If somebody higher up this thread knows Power's new identity, they may like to remind him that a repeat of his behaviour will not be tolerated, and that he owes some people a proper apology.
Amazingly enough, I just received a rather contrite (if KK bashing) apology in the form of a PM from DNTOTP. Halleujah!
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