Please join the Instructables Restaurant.

I will open an open-source restaurant that is completely made of, and only serves food based on the original instructables all the members on have made or will make.

I mean, every chair, dishwasher, menucard, light etc. and all the food, will together be the restaurant. And I would like to ask you guys for your brilliant, funny, original ideas concerning all aspects restauranty. Inside the restaurant everything will be presented with the original instruction and accreditation to the maker. I have been involved in several pilot and concept restaurants in the past like Food Facility, a restaurant based on take-out restaurants by Catalonian designer Marti Guixe, and The Micro-Green Restaurant by Debra Solomon of Both at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, where I was at the time working as an exhibition maker. I would appreciate it so much if you'd get involved in this and share your ideas with me to make it into an incredible creative place for adventurous diners, and maybe the first open source restaurant ever created (but i'm not sure about that and I guess it doesn't really matter anyway). In some restaurants you can buy the stuff you see, in this restaurant you'll go home knowing how to re-create what you just enjoyed, be it the food or the chair you sat on.

If you like it, please join the group about this:

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arne hendriks (author) 8 years ago
It's open!

Now let's work some of the great ideas that have been posted some time ago into it.
Or even better, make one yourself!
Awesome idea! I'd love to see this place built!

One of the desserts could be LED Jigglies in a dark, LED themed room. Or you could have a dog washing station out back to attract the local pet owners, along with some of the doggy treats on this site. You could also serve Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples.
arne hendriks (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
I think LED will be an essential part of this for sure. About the local pet owners, give me a minute to think about it. Thanks for this. I'd love to hear more!
A Time Fountain would be a great piece for the LED theme.
arne hendriks (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
A LED themed event, is a great idea. Please keep adding ideas on this.
Or you could serve SPAM

technick299 years ago
Sounds delicious! Keep us updated on your progress, and best of luck.
arne hendriks (author)  technick299 years ago
Will do.
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I was thinking that, especially for non-english speakers. What's in a name...
arne hendriks (author)  arne hendriks9 years ago
Well if you consider that merg in Dutch actually means bone marrow.
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