Please join the Instructables Restaurant.

I will open an open-source restaurant that is completely made of, and only serves food based on the original instructables all the members on instructables.com have made or will make.

I mean, every chair, dishwasher, menucard, light etc. and all the food, will together be the restaurant. And I would like to ask you guys for your brilliant, funny, original ideas concerning all aspects restauranty. Inside the restaurant everything will be presented with the original instruction and accreditation to the maker. I have been involved in several pilot and concept restaurants in the past like Food Facility, a restaurant based on take-out restaurants by Catalonian designer Marti Guixe, and The Micro-Green Restaurant by Debra Solomon of culiblog.org. Both at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, where I was at the time working as an exhibition maker. I would appreciate it so much if you'd get involved in this and share your ideas with me to make it into an incredible creative place for adventurous diners, and maybe the first open source restaurant ever created (but i'm not sure about that and I guess it doesn't really matter anyway). In some restaurants you can buy the stuff you see, in this restaurant you'll go home knowing how to re-create what you just enjoyed, be it the food or the chair you sat on.

If you like it, please join the group about this: http://www.instructables.com/group/instructables-restaurant/

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arne hendriks (author) 6 years ago
It's open!


Now let's work some of the great ideas that have been posted some time ago into it.
Or even better, make one yourself!
Awesome idea! I'd love to see this place built!

One of the desserts could be LED Jigglies in a dark, LED themed room. Or you could have a dog washing station out back to attract the local pet owners, along with some of the doggy treats on this site. You could also serve Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples.
arne hendriks (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll7 years ago
I think LED will be an essential part of this for sure. About the local pet owners, give me a minute to think about it. Thanks for this. I'd love to hear more!
A Time Fountain would be a great piece for the LED theme.
arne hendriks (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll7 years ago
A LED themed event, is a great idea. Please keep adding ideas on this.
Or you could serve SPAM

technick297 years ago
Sounds delicious! Keep us updated on your progress, and best of luck.
arne hendriks (author)  technick297 years ago
Will do.
Kiteman7 years ago
I know nothing about the restaurant trade, but this sounds like a great idea!

Do you have a location yet, or is this still at the idea stage?

Kiteman brainstorms...

  • Pictures of Robot everywhere. If you have a Kids menu, the back is the template to make Smart's Paper Robot.
  • Copies of The Book for sale at the door.
  • Screwdrivers with the handles removed could be cool chopsticks
  • There's a "creative quarter" in Amsterdam? Put your cafe there.
  • Have a Making space - make the floor above or below the restaurant a workshop with several small workbenches with sets of tools so that people can make things from the site, whilst eating cake and drinking coffee that they put on an invisible bookshelf above the bench.
  • Dress waiting staff like this
  • Have making evenings (talk to Star about Miters evenings)
  • Have a Swap Night once a month - people can bring in things they have made, and either swap with each other, or barter with you for food and drink. Bartered items would then go on sale in the restaurant, displayed on shelves around the room (like other restaurants sell paintings).
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Hi Kiteman, I love the kidsmenu idea: I guess what we need to find instructables for 1. A delicious kids menu. And 2. An outline for a paper robot. Put it together and bingo. The books could be complimentary reading in the lounge area. Screwdrivers: I have to see this. it would be great if there are instrcutables for making cutlery. Good point but I'd also like it to be right in the middle of the regular Amsterdam crowd, not just the overtly creatives. This way it might reach a more diverse public making space: DONE. Dressing the staff with clothes designed from instrcutables would be fun. making evenings: Absolutley! The SWAP Night: DONE. I'd love to hear more ideas about this. Do you have experience with something like it? Anyhow, you already have to be on our WALL of DIY Fame.
I thought Kiteman would have chose my robohoodie but preferred the mad-scientist look. I guess that would be in souvenir section with the other t-shirts like "I ate with GorillazMiko".

Definitely have graph-paper paper tablecloths and napkins and crayon/pencils/IKEA tape measures for people to scribble their ideas while waiting for their meal and to keep kids occupied.

Just click on my username to see my Instructables Robot themed projects. Have a robognome-greeter at the door or to page people when their table is ready. Good luck. Sounds like a fun idea.
arne hendriks (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Hi dad of caitlin,

Souvenir shop = great! and graph paper table cloth, how do you guys come up with this stuff. It's great. I see a whole line of tablecloth possibilities. Would you care to make an instructable for at least one of them?

how do you guys come up with this stuff

I have been looking at the new science of convergence here of late and to be honest, the "collective mind" is greater then the individual parts it seems: individually we are great idea makers, but put us together and we really shine :-) Synergy.
arne hendriks (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Is there any suggested reading for me to do on that subject? I'm left with quite a few questions on how this would work out for the individual.
I haven't come across any (BTW: I mistakenly said convergence and I meant Emergence), but there is a set of a few radio broadcasts done by WNYC RadioLab that help with it a lot. You will need a few hours time to listen to the podcasts though. Still, I found them Fascinating :-)

Link to th WNYC RadioLab Podcasts on Emergence...
I checked it out, and yes, there is a book called EMERGENCE:

That would be a good name for the restaurant, or maybe Gestalt (which roughly means "a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts").
Hmm, or maybe E-mergence ? :-)
Oh, no, now that I think about it, it's a little too close to Emergency...
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I was thinking that, especially for non-english speakers. What's in a name...
arne hendriks (author)  arne hendriks7 years ago
Well if you consider that merg in Dutch actually means bone marrow.
Well, nobody said it had to be a vegetarian restaurant...

(Although, in the UK, it is easier to meet food handling regulations if you are a purely vegetarian establishment)
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Hey! If you're not going to call it Instructables (for the reasons Eric gave), pinch a part of the site - call it Zeitgeist (unless that is too close to the Dutch for "maggot ridden residue"?)

Since the project will be an emergent function of a group process, I think that fits quite well.

arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
arne hendriks (author)  arne hendriks7 years ago
Nicegeist finish first... before Goodhart gets to it, you'll understand later :)
its not true that only nice guys finish last ;-) Hmm, we could refer to the Restaurant as the Mis’adah :-)
arne hendriks (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
-World of Foodcraft-
I had considered that too...but as a trade name, it could be "misspelled" anyways ....something like: E-merg-eats (or is that too corny ?)
Do you have to cross your eyes when you look at the new science of convergence?

  • have mini-terminals at each table to chat with other tables. Video-cams for those into that thing.
  • have a stand-up comic/pun master do their act in the entertainment corner...
  • Have tele-dining. If a person can't make it to your table, they can video-conference in and join the table. But still charge the person for sharing...
Sorry, not convergence but rather Emergence.....
There are a lot of graphic artists out there that could probably do a better job. Ideas are free for the asking.
If you have a Brazilian-Portuguese Churrascaria bbq-grill type eatery, you can use the robognome standing up to signal you are full and stand it on its head to attract attention of the waiter.
arne hendriks (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
We'll need to make an Instrcutable for all the protocols inside the restaurant.
I think that will be your job.

  • "How to clean a kitchen"
  • "How to plan a menu"
  • "How to wait on tables"
  • "How to cook for dozens"
  • "How to run a restaurant"
  • "How to get licenses for a restaurant"
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I know. I'm thinking of starting relatively small. Possibly doing a pilot project within Platform21, a foundation for innovation, art and design. I'm a creative producer there and they might be interested in supporting the idea. This way it could be almost like a try-out.
Love the graph-paper idea.

Possibly Dremels for (ahem) carving the turkey at Christmas?
There is laser-cutter laser cut meat somewhere...
Isn't that somebody's arm...?
That was self-inflicted but this one wanted to incur the wrath of the vegan-ninjas.
Those comments are funny even though they are missing!
Here is the robot outline and a picture of the final product
The paper robot is already done (link) - just ask SMART if you can use it.

I've never done anything like the restaurant, or a swap evening, I was just brainstorming. Feel free to use the ideas, though.

Cutlery... we have a few projects on making knives, but not forks (I think I could whittle one, but that's not hygienic). It tends to be things made from cutlery. Maybe a spanner could be re-made into a spoon?

(If I ever get to Amsterdam, I'll be sure to drop in to see my wall...)
=SMART= Kiteman7 years ago
Cool ideas!! thanks for the mention :P
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Wow Kiteman, these are some great ideas. The making space is a must, as are the evenings about making stuff and the swap night. I want to go into your remarks in more detail when I have some time later. Did you check out the Micro-green restaurant we did with Debra Solomon at Mediamatic? It served 30 different kinds of sprouts with mashed potato and sausage but it was also a robot soldering station at the same time so people were eating and their neighbours were soldering. It was beautiful, fun and inspiring.
That other restaurant is fabulous! I love it. I think this is a really cool idea, I can imagine tennis ball chairs everywhere :D
arne hendriks (author)  whatsisface7 years ago
Look what happened in this place. It was cross-fertilization all night long:
arne hendriks (author)  whatsisface7 years ago
I believe we can make something incredible if this open source way of finding participation finds enough interested people. Please send me the link on the tennisballs and we put that one on the list. I'd also like to imagine that every single chair is based on a different instructable.
arne hendriks (author)  whatsisface7 years ago
Nice. I thought you might have meant this one.
Dress waiting staff like this

LOL Don't ask me why, but I thought, for just a moment, you might have linked to another place. Thanks for renewing my respect for your taste ;-)

Well, it is Amsterdam. There is a dress code to uphold...
Oh well, must be my mid-life crisis turning my brain to mush *sigh*
arne hendriks (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Were you referring to IKEA? That's why we hack it. Your proposal is hilarious.
no, Kiteman got my meaning LOL *sorry*
Just did
arne hendriks (author)  shammallamaman7 years ago
Thanks and welcome. I'm looking forward to your ideas for the restaurant.
whatsisface7 years ago
Probably best to put in a link to the group as well for people to join:

arne hendriks (author)  whatsisface7 years ago
Done! Please join if you like.
I've joined.
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I think maybe at some later stage the group will start to serve its purpose but right now I'm not sure how to use it yet. Inexperience I guess.
It's people who are interested in your idea, so are probably the first people who will allow you to use pre-existing projects, or even create projects especially for you. You can add projects to the group (even if they are already in other groups), and use that as your "library" or "recipe book" - it will make it easier to point people to your source material in future.
arne hendriks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Thanks Kiteman, it makes sense to me now. We could have different topics about let's say, food, furniture, fun, clothes, kitchen etc. And the people that are for real can stay in touch that way. Perfect. I've put the same entry in the craft forum but it hardly got any replies.
ewilhelm7 years ago
Go for it! When it's open, I'll come and eat the Venison Asparagus. Seriously though, I think the Instructables name probably isn't a good choice because it won't intrinsically attract people local to the restaurant. However, everything else about your idea sounds great, and if you attribute the logo and robot properly, you're free to use them. I would definitely call it "The World's First Open-Source Restaurant" -- who could dispute you!?
arne hendriks (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
Thanks, good point about the name, I'm actually looking forward to involving all members in coming up with a name. Looking forward to sharing some Venison with you.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Is this serious? sound like a major risk to me! But then it would also be exceedingly cool. the main problem i can see, if how far apart the members are. Also, i think you need to talk to the people who own instructables first. Get them to sort it properly, not to mention any copyright issues.
arne hendriks (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Yes it's serious. As you can hopefully see in the other projects I did we do actually try to make it happen. Thanks for your advice, if you like please stay involved and spread the word. As for your remarks: I'm interested in the copyright issue of course and will speak to the people at Instructables about this but it seems to me that the ideas people upload are their ideas and if they want to get involved they can. In the end I don't think the name will be Instructables Restaurant since this could be confusing. But who knows? Todays way is very much determined by the willingness and actual desire of people to work together, with everybody getting the credit they deserve. i think this last point is very important. About your first remark. The distance is no problem since it will be the instructables that travel, not the instructors (with some possible exeptions according to degree of difficulty to make the instructable here).