Open page in new tab, not working

When I am writing or editing an instructables I usually put in some links, when entering the link I get a option to "Open page in new tab", The only issue is that when I enable and save that option the link opens in the same page and then the box is unticked when editing it again.

I have included a short video about this Here

MacBook Air (Mid 2013)
MacOS 10.12.3 (Beta 16D17a)
1.3GHz i5 2 cores with hypertreading
4GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 5000

Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.3)

seamster6 months ago

Hi David,

Sorry for the long delay in responding. See my response to lilafinch regarding this issue. Thanks!

lilafinch6 months ago

I'm having the same issue with getting tabs to open. I select that the link should open a new tab, save it, the selections are still there, I then go try to use it and it unsaves it and deselects my selection - reverting to opening the site in the same tab. Can someone please fix the bug!?

Hi there,

After a little poking around, I found out that that little checkbox isn't actually supposed to be there. It's a non-functional remnant that should be removed in a future site update, so it doesn't continue to confuse authors.

How links open is intended to remain in the hands of readers. It's simple enough: to open links in a new tab on windows systems it's Ctrl+click, while on macs it's Cmd+click. Hope that helps!

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager