"Open source" marketing research, anyone?

                                  Calling any and all market research buffs!

  "I need help finding my target market, but I can't afford to pay the giants in the business who have many many years of experience and probably have an agenda."

  I'm sure that has been said, and heard, many times, and now its my turn. I had a thought recently about how I could find a market for a product I'm working on. Since I intend to release it openly, I want most of the side stuff the project spits out along the way to be open as well.

  My idea centers around a collaborative and "smart" marketing research system. Of course there would be problems inherent to the system (trolls and SPAM, for instance) that could be remedied in a similar fashion to Wikipedia or Kickstarter.

Now that I've put this idea out there, who wants to make it happen?

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The Ideanator (author) 6 years ago
The OSMR idea as I've presented it would be for a broad spectrum thing, aiding all areas where something like this could be useful. It would merely be a tool for gathering an ***approximation*** of the final market to help the designers with a tight budget decide whether it would be more worthwhile to work on a different for-profit idea or proceed on the one they proposed. Also, this is by no means "reliable" (in the same sense that Wikipedia isn't "reliable")

What I want it for SPECIFICALLY is an electronic device that has to do with computers. Apologies for the sheer vagueness, but I want to have it completed before I see some other company selling it and say something like "dammit, that was my idea!". And because those are always changing and my project seems pretty novel, I feel new research is necessary. I've thought about what areas it could be useful in (applications) and I have a nice long list, The research could help me narrow down which areas to focus development on or even if I should design/release different hardware versions.
1. Do you already have a prototype or version 1.0 built? At least from there you can modify or adapt it to whatever market you find is suitable for.
2. It sounds more like you want a sales projection of your product or you want to make it fit the most profitable market segment. That is where someone needs to do the legwork to make contacts, set up and get feedback from focus groups, run brainstorming sessions...it takes time and money so any entrapaneur would gain the advantage in knowing, and that's why people will pay for that service. It would be tough to do open source information gathering if you want to keep your idea in confidentiality before it actually hits the shelves.
3. Have you already checked the patent applications or patents to see if someone already has your idea? Did someone already do an instructable on it?

The Ideanator (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
1. No, not yet.
2a. Yea, pretty much. That's (part of?) what the OSMR project would cover and help with, people go on and provide feedback.
2b. True, there would be complications with confidentiality, but that could be worked around (I hope).
3. I have googled it to death and only one product comes eerily close, funded by DARPA, but there are a number of differences between ours (or will be once I get it done).
1. Well, that's another part of the product development life cycle, to see if it will be feasible and economical to produce.
2. If you've got an idea or product that you have have to force on people or no interest from even from a small general group of people(friends, neighbors, mailman, gas station attendant, etc) then you have a tough sell ahead of you.
3. Nice knowing you. Really.
The Ideanator (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
1. Yes, so far it seems like it will be within the price point I wanted initially ($50-150)
2. I don't have to try hard at all, and Ive merely suggested the idea, I haven't even done any spammy marketing yet.
3. .....Why do you say it like that?
craftyv6 years ago
I have worked in both Market and Social Research but the problem for "us" is that the type of product or service you are marketing, would often dictate what methods are used. As we have no idea , in fact your blurb is very unclear, it will be hard. I realise that you dont want to release your idea but you have to start somewhere. Not very helpful i'm afraid, but good luck to you.
lemonie6 years ago
What's this product?

The Ideanator (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I want to keep it under wraps until I get something solid nailed down, don't want those big greedy corporations with the money to pay for research having their hands on it yet.

This sounds a bit confusing. What do you want the research for?

Maybe you want someone to tell you what to do, but that's not what research is for.

Maybe you want to know how to market what you have, but that's marketing which may well use research but is not the same.

The Ideanator (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I've already spent enough money on it to make me concerned and if I knew it would sell I'd be willing to invest more.
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