Opening a techshop


Whats it take to open a techsop ? and is there one planned in or around Cincinnati  Ohio anytime soon ?

Well a couple questions but good ones !


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GreedyGoat4 years ago
Are any planned for Montgomery Alabama?
Kid Leo4 years ago
I am opening a facility very similar to Techshop in the Cincinnati area. It will be located in Sharonville and will have 17,000 sq ft of space with very similar equipment and business model. We expect to be open in early to mid summer. It is called The Manufactory. Our website can be found at
Sounds great. I am interested in learning more about what you are doing? Funding, management, site location, recruitment of potential tenants, etc....
If you would like to contact me privately I would be happy to answer.


lime3D5 years ago
You should contact TechShop directly.
Kiteman5 years ago
To open an actual TechShop, I think you'd have to be part of the company, but there's always the option of joining a hackerspace - there is apparently one in the Camp Washington district.