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balatv4410 years ago
It is indeed very good to have discussion on operating system's. I have one problem. I am having windows xp Home Professional. This was purchased during 2002 without SP2. Every time I format my system, I have to request customer care Microsoft to activate the key. It has become a major problem. Recently I formatted my PC and reloaded the operating system and then download the SP2 and other updates. The operating system has been loaded in C drive. I noticed that this operating system has occupied nearly 20 GV space in my PC. I feel it is much more than the regular one. I want to know from the learned forum that this much space is required, if not how to check and reduce the excess space occupied in my c drive. I do not know how to deleted the unwanted or duplicated files in windows operating system. Please guide me for a lay man like me. I do not wish to format my system to avoid downloading all the updates including sp2. Please guide me. regards, BalaTV
. Go to the Add or Remove Programs control panel and get rid of anything you don't need. While there, click on Add/Remove Windows Components and get rid of anything you don't need. . Change the space used by System Restore from the System control panel. . Look in your WINDOWS directory and you will find a bunch of folders with names like $NtUninstallKB939683$. These are from the updates and can usually be deleted without harm. Do this at your own risk. . BTW, my WINDOWS directory has 3.48GB (2.89GB "Size on disk") of stuff in it.
Thank you very much for immediate reply. I checked windows folder. The folder name $NtUninstallKB939683$ has occupied only 888KB and it is in spunist folder. If is delete this I will save only 888kb only what about rest? I checked through the properties of windows folder it shows the space as 21GB.
. Not just that one folder. Using DOS wildcards, it would be all the $NtUninstall*$ directories. Sorry about the confusion. . If you don't plan on uninstalling SP2 (I can't imagine why anyone would), it should be safe to delete the whole spuninst directory. It would probably be wise to ZIP the folder, before you delete it, and hang on to the ZIP for a few weeks to see if anything bad happens. Same for the $NtUninstall*$ directories. I've never run into problems, but you never know. . I don't remember ever checking the size of WINDOWS after a fresh install, so I'm not sure, but 21GB sounds awful high, since I've run XP Pro on 8GB HDDs. . Are you installing Windows from a Microsoft disc or one that came with your computer? I know Dell is bad about installing a lot of unneeded crap.
> I know Dell is bad about installing a lot of unneeded crap. . I just found out that Dell is now shipping systems with a "Do not install extras" option. Hurray for Dell!
Good for them, but their computers aren't very good though.
.  What do you base that statement on? I have used Dells for years with very few problems. There may be better computers and/or deals, but I have been quite pleased with my Dells.
.  PS: You replied to a comment that is two-and-a-half years old.
Believe me, I've had my experience with Dell. I had an Optiplex GX260 that suddenly just crashed after about one and a half years. 2651 bad sectors on the hard drive to be exact.
.  Sorry, but I don't see one bad HDD as being enough to damn the whole company over.
.  I have a Dell running in the next room that is ~10 years old and has only had mechanical parts (HDD, floppy, CD) replaced (RAM and PSU have been upgraded, but not because they went bad). My current "main" computer is a ~4 year old Dell with zero repairs.
.  My Dad is running a Dell desktop and 7-8 Dell laptops with very few problems.
.  Dells may not make the best computers (or may, it depends on who you ask), but they certainly make some good ones.
Replying to this this far passed is rather silly. But I too have had bad experiences with Dell, going back years. If you replace the drives and upgrade the RAM there really won't be too much of a problem. Most of my problems are the crappy components they use. 4 completely irreparable factory installed hard drives in Dell computers.
On the Plus side I too have a dell computer that is around 10 years that has worked with no problems with nothing replaced. the 1:4 good bad ratio has kinda swayed me. I've been through countless Dell Laptops also.
They do make decent computers and have wonderful support.
Minus the Support I'd say a home built with good components would be a better option.
I haven't found a "good" brand name computer that works for me yet.
I won't damn the company but then again I don't have much love for any computer company but I do love my computers. I have 9 running in my house now, 4 Dell, 2 Gateway, 1 frankensteined together, 1 Acer, and 1 Home built. 7 in pieces to be repaired.
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