Operating systems(parody)

I thought I should start a parody of the battle of operating systems. With the new Windows 7 coming out what a great time to start! Here's my crack at it. Do you think it is good? Post your own here if you would like.

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ReCreate6 years ago
lol at "we won't screw up this time"
I don't think the apple one is funny(sorry), but the Microsoft one is pretty good.
"We'll try not to screw up this time"
Chromatica (author)  Rock Soldier6 years ago
I didn't Have anything better
Oh well...
Still pretty good.
Chromatica (author)  Rock Soldier6 years ago
Why Thank-You
gmjhowe7 years ago
I intend to run both of them quite happily along side linux thank you.
Chromatica (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
I was thinking that but how do you chose the operating system when the computer is on.
Mostly, I tend to run Mac OS X, but as and when I need to I run Windows inside of Mac using Vmware Fusion. I then also use linux on separate machines, not running atm, but building something that will no doubt be running it.
Vmware? How fast is it? You should try bootcamp...
From my experience, good.

It's alot better than having to reboot, select windows and then have to reboot again wait for windows to start and then when I'm finished reboot back into
OS X again.
Hmmm...Its pretty slow for me...Maybe because i'm on a laptop...
Anyways, How well do things like basic 3D games run? Have you tried blender under it? Or algodoo?
 For alot of programs it is the best idea, for simpler ones it does excel, say running MSN messenger, or something like publisher.

I have actually used it to play Left4Dead, and Portal, both auto chose the best settings, and ran without staggering. I did have to quit most of my big native apps. 

If Im heading for a proper gaming session I will reboot, but if not I vmware it.

Vmware fusion actually allows me to chose my bootcamp partition and load it as a virtual machine, which is a great feature.
That is neat. :D
I think i remember that feature, it is available in the windows version of VMware too.
I wouldn't really ever use it for gaming so I wouldn't know, sorry.
lemonie7 years ago
I'd prefer (MS) "New bugs & vulnerabilities for 2009!" L
Chromatica (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I guess but I will give them another chance.
Make an RGBY apple logo? I can just see the two merging together... L
I made one that combines an apple and windows logo. Awe snap, I can't find it on my photobucket account, that's not cool. I'll post it whenever I find it.
You gotta love the New bugs and vulnerabilities!
Punkguyta7 years ago
I tried Windows 7, it was only a little slower than XP, but at the same time I didn't try loading all the usual programs on it... But It wasn't that bad.
Chromatica (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
Glad to hear that, but did you get the complete product because I head that they are still working on it. Like patches and stuff
It was the 7002 rebuild, the newest AT the time, and I installed ultimate edition.
westfw7 years ago
To the tune of "Won't get fooled again" (by The Who.)
Press any key for the MS solution.Click my mouse for the new revolution.Smile and grin at the changes all around.Will I have enough RAM today,To boot up Plug & Play?Better get on my knees and pray -We don’t get fooled again.
(originally written for/about the introduction of W95. The Bohnhoffs say they'll stop performing it if it ever stops being true.)