Optimum Magazine Capacity

I need to know how much rounds a mag needs to hold in a knex war. 

I would like to make a decent semi auto assault rifle that is warworthy. (As in one that will have acceptable range in CQC and insane ROF)

Your opinions are welcome.

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Randomguy656 years ago
Two mags, extended mag. two extended mags?? Ghost 3.0 Perhaps?
TheFoofinator (author)  Randomguy656 years ago
I don't know. The Tr18 seems to have enough, but an 18 round mag is huge (see the ZKAR V3). I want mine to have fast ROF, and Nice mag capacity.
yeah try the 36 turret holy s***
That could work, maybe two round mags, or a double Tr18, which might be two heavy
An Villain6 years ago
Typically for a Semi-Automatic firearm you want a capacity of ~20 rounds, if the magazine is detachable a higher capacity would be welcome, though any more than 20 would take too long to reload in a fixed magazine. You also have to ensure the magazine is not overlarge (physically, not capacity-related) as an overly long magazine detracts from the overall appeal of a semi-automatic weapon (the appeal of a semi-automatic K'nex weapon is that they can be brought to bear quickly and fire repeated shots without breaking the point of aim, an overly long magazine would just get in the way.)
jamesdude6 years ago
I'm thinking 10 rounds maybe. There's a 10 round turret you could make.
MegaMetal86 years ago
ZKAR V3 With extended mag