Orbotix wants to see your hacks - you could win a Sphero!

If you're not sure what a Sphero is, check out their YouTube channel - you need one!

From their official contest page:
Show us your hack, and we’ll show you ours! Send in photos or video of your coolest invention every week via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll pick our favorite to win a free Sphero*. Your hacks don’t have to be related to Sphero (bonus points if they are), and can have anything to do with inventions and  gadgetry in general. Got a souped-up alarm clock? A tricked out trike? We want to see your coolest creations and modifications, no matter what it is you hacked.

Below is a good example of what they're looking for! I know you guys have some amazing entries all ready to go.

Picture of Orbotix wants to see your hacks - you could win a Sphero!
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Kiteman4 years ago
Oh, so that's what a Sphero is for!
I'm still not sure "what" it is for, in this video....
shazni Goodhart4 years ago
neither do I
Goodhart shazni4 years ago
Remote control balls? you know for when you want your kids to put down that screen, get off the couch , go outside and get some exercise.....
Tomdf4 years ago
How about the other way around: adding a blender motor and blades to a sphero to create a spher-o-doom!