Oreos Without Milk!

This is just a quick question and possibly a suggestion too (I'm really bored because I'm waiting for these ISO's to finish downloading). Has anyone else tried Oreos with a drink other than milk? I just tried Oreos with Cran Apple juice, and I think it's better. Any other opinions? (Reminder: I'm very bored.)

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FaqMan8 years ago
Yea oreo's and apple juice and let me say it tasted good.
BeanGolem8 years ago
When I was on my school's Human Powered Vehicle team in undergrad, we would go through a few boxes of Oreos and a case of Dr. Pepper on our all-nighters. Very yummy. Not so healthy. Occasionally we would have a few of steaks to gnaw on. Eternally preserving small chunks of meat/fat in resin is also enjoyable. On a similar note: Do not attempt to prepare "heat-n-serv" garlic bread from the store in a 900 degree F annealing furnace. Using the Oxy-Ace torch is much more effective at melting the butter without burning the bread.
Lemon-Duck9 years ago
I like oreos with apple juice.
Plasmana9 years ago
I just like oreos plain... With nothing else.
The Jamalam9 years ago
an oreo without milk is not a true oreo!
I drank diet soda with oreo once, the oreos kinda removed the flavor of the soda.I have also tried oreos with vanilla coffe, it was alright. My sister once told me she hated oreos, I was like "WTF!??? YOUR NOT HUMAN!!!!"
LOL! She is weird!
!!! Not liking oreos! Dhe is unhuman!
I have never eaten oreos with milk.
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