Organize Favorites

Would love to have a feature added to site to organize favorites.   Granted I only have 65 at this point, can imagine how people find a fav if they have hundreds of favs they need to search thgouh.

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Yonatan249 months ago

Make collections of them, instead of favoriting.

Best woodworking + best electronics + best organization collection (for example) ↓↓

Then put the sorted collections inside of one collection ("TheWaterDog's Favorites") ↓↓

Then favorite that collection! Easy access to all of them!

DiyWaterDog (author)  Yonatan249 months ago

Hmmm... had not yet noticed the collections options. Is the collections Private or Public. Im looking for a Private option.

You should suggest having a "private collection" option to along with a link to this forum topic so it makes more sense, if that's what you'd like. They might add that feature in the future.

Alternatively, you can keep them as drafts, without publishing them, and accessing them through (I modified my link to your name, I can't access this page)

DiyWaterDog (author)  Yonatan249 months ago

OK... so I am organizing by collections. I have organized about 10 of my favs... Now how do I access the collections list? Can't find anything in my profile.

Kiteman9 months ago

Agreed - folders would be nice.