Organizing knex

Do you organize your knex? (I just did) Or do you dump them in a bucket? tell everyone if you organize your knex or not.

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I just toss mine in a wooden box that I made.

This topic is nine years old...

Yes, I know. If I find a topic or ible that looks interesting, I see how old the newest comment it. If it is over a year old, than I don't usually comment. If it is a year old or newer I will comment. The newest comment was a year old, so I commented.

But the year old comment was still bringing up a dead thread. ;)

No offence intended, my point was that the person that posted the thread is probably in his 20's now and doesn't remember the thread at all.

Oh, I see. I will try to remember that later.

5187071 year ago

i organized mine by using bags for connectors, rods and shoe boxes for wheels, gears and medicine bottles for some of my smaller pieces.

That's pretty much the same thing that I do.

the poodleo7 years ago
 can someone please help me organize mine. i need something to put it in, cause i need 51 seperat compartments,, but i hae a small room.
i organise every single piece of mine. I definitly reccomend doing so.
maybe if you have a million parts or so, then yeah, but If you dont have a lot, its not needed.
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