Organizing knex

Do you organize your knex? (I just did) Or do you dump them in a bucket? tell everyone if you organize your knex or not.

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5187071 year ago

i organized mine by using bags for connectors, rods and shoe boxes for wheels, gears and medicine bottles for some of my smaller pieces.

the poodleo6 years ago
 can someone please help me organize mine. i need something to put it in, cause i need 51 seperat compartments,, but i hae a small room.
i organise every single piece of mine. I definitly reccomend doing so.
maybe if you have a million parts or so, then yeah, but If you dont have a lot, its not needed.
I suppose.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I dump my knex in a bucket. Im messy.
I have a whole drawer up to my waist with knex sorted in shoe boxes. (Which took forever) It is really handy so you know where everything is.
I dont
pls8 years ago
I have two of these:), i use what i have in them, then fill it up again, keep my extras in a box.
The Jamalam8 years ago
i did for a while until it took hours to tidy up
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