Origami Jack in the Box

Somewhere I saw something about how to make an origami jack in the box and I was wondering if anyone on here knew how to make one that could sort of explain how to make one to me. I looked it up on google but only found a diagram that, for me, was very hard to follow. Can help me with this? Thanks!

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adi121042 years ago try here
zbrown20163 years ago was sorta easy for me with these instructions and using this video at the same time......
Kiteman7 years ago
Could you add a link to the instructions you found?
Sunbanks (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I should have thought of that... It isnt so much the actual folding, just the precreases that I don't get.
ChrysN Sunbanks5 years ago
Ugh, I hate precreases. But the end result looks kind of cool. It would probably be easier if they had a video of how to make it.
Yeah, I'm stuck at step 9 on the jack part. For the precreases, reading the description at the bottom may help.
Good grief... Those instructions just boggle me. I may come back to them in a few days, but for now ... (insert cross-eyed smiley)