Ornament Patch Giveaway: Give Thanks

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed! Thanks to all who posted here. Everyone is of course free to post more comments here, but no more patches will be given out.

The cool thing about Instructables is how so many people share their knowledge and ideas so freely with everyone else. This can be with an Instructable, a forum post, a comment, or any other interaction here. When someone does something that makes your life better or more fun it's truly a gift. So...

Post a new comment thanking a member of Instructables and get a patch.

You can say why you're thanking the other member or not. That's entirely up to you. Pictures are also optional.

Giveaway ends at 12pm PST, December 24! Get it in by then to get a patch.

This is the last ornament giveaway. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Picture of Ornament Patch Giveaway: Give Thanks
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Goodhart7 years ago
I don't need a patch, and am quite late anyways......but I would like to thank everyone here.  You have all enriched my life so much in so many ways....every last one I have ever communicated with.
Kaiven Goodhart7 years ago
That's how I feel too, especially about people like you and Canida and others haha.
Goodhart Kaiven7 years ago
You flatter me by putting me in anywhere near the same league as Canida :-) 
You're up there with the best of the best in my books, Happy New Year by the way!
Same here, I'd say Goodhart is an Instructables regular.
Thanks, but I know (from many of my Ibles) that can't be true; although I do try to be helpful if nothing else......you have a Great New Year too !
It's not just what you make, but the attitude you make it with, and how you help others!
Well, I have great expectations on "what" I can do, and then I remember I don't have many tools to "do" them with....so I do (albeit crudely) what I can. :-)  I still would like to demonstrate (find the time to demonstrate) that I am not full of hot air when it comes to building things.....sadly many of the resources I relied on a decade ago are gone now.

It is nice of you to say so though, and I do hope I am of some help, either with knowledge or with inspiration, to others.  That means the world to me...
Kaiven Goodhart7 years ago
Haha :)
Kiteman7 years ago
I missed this topic first time around, but a big thank you to everybody who makes the site what it is, and to the surprising number of people who mentioned me earlier on this topic, can just say "Aw, shucks!", and twist my toe in the dust?
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