Ornament Patch Giveaway: Lights!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed!

With all the trees in place we need some lights to shine on in the night. So...

Post a new comment with a picture of lights and get a patch.

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At the bottom of the comment box, click "add image," then click "Choose Files." Pick your image and click "Upload"

Giveaway ends at 5pm PST! Get it in by then to get a patch.

Picture of Ornament Patch Giveaway: Lights!
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technoboy7 years ago
stevoace7 years ago
These are lights i found up in London... oh yeah its a 3D umbrella (y)
London Christmas Lights 2009 002.JPG
Lowney7 years ago
Ethanal7 years ago
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Simple over the top...


May I ask where you got that photo??

Google, why?
It looks like a house I've seen in person before. lol
laxap7 years ago

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