Ornament Patch Giveaway: Trees!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed!

You can't have ornaments without trees! So to go along with all these ornaments we want to see some trees in the comments. So...

If you want a patch, post a new comment with a picture of a tree.

Check out my first comment below for an example.

Never added an image to a comment before?
At the bottom of the comment box, click "add image," then click "Choose Files." Pick your image and click "Upload"

Don't do the Christmas tree thing? It can be any tree.

Giveaway ends at 1pm PST! Get it in by then to get a patch.

Picture of Ornament Patch Giveaway: Trees!
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For all those australians that are on the opposite side of the world ;)

Merry christmas :D
quesoman8 years ago
christmas tree
fungus amungus (author)  quesoman8 years ago
oops, no pic
dang it. gotta remember that i need to use the upload button instead of cut and paste.
Because Futurama rules :)

KeurigGirl7 years ago
Oh Snap, I missed this one and now I am taking from what I read there are no more ornament patches!  Happy decorating everyone!
vwluvrs7 years ago
Wind blown trees in Maui
maui 1299.jpg
vwluvrs vwluvrs7 years ago
opps, didn't check the time
heres my pic... no gimme patch :p
christmas rtree fail.jpg
i meant now :q
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