Orthopedic Hardware

My mother is having her screws and plates removed from her shattered ankle, and I really want to turn them into something beautiful that she can keep forever. Does anyone have ideas for creative uses of these implants? I've been searching the internet for ideas, but no one seems to do something with these (or at least they don't write about it). 

Picture of Orthopedic Hardware
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Ranie-K7 years ago
The queen of Norway added two cramps that used to be in her leg (or hip) to an existing painting that she owned. The artists had allowed this, but later reconsidered in public (and got some publicity that way).
lemonie7 years ago
Can you post pictures of them when you have them? I'm hoping that your mother doesn't have that much metal in one leg.

mljones (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 Okay! The plates have been removed, and this is what it looks like. Thank you, everyone, for all the ideas! I am so excited to do something nice for my mom. It has been a difficult recovery. My mom was a runner, so the broken heel has been a tough set-back. She's determined, and will start running again, I'm sure. The more creative, the better! Keep the ideas flowing!
Di Plate.jpg
lemonie mljones7 years ago
Graft it to an mp3 player? If it were mine I'd mount all my keys on it, but that's just functional.
You might make it into a candle-thing.

It appears that several of the pics are just different views
I see similar parts, rather than the same. Still I do like the the idea of a nice Mother's Day gift out of titanium (I guess)

Yes, on second glance....I see I was mistaken..... :-) 
Surgical mechanics are often really good looking objects a delicate looking project with some use of light might be good.
kelseymh7 years ago
Are the set of parts complete?  What about reassembling them as they were in situ?  You might need a bit of wireframe to support the structure.
I like this idea,  and if not wire frame, maybe some gel similar to ballistic gel ? 
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