Out of curiosity, who watches the tv show: Numb3ers....

and are there any others (beside myself) that like the show (I don't normally get to see many episodes, although I have lately)?

Picture of Out of curiosity, who watches the tv show:  Numb3ers....
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Chromatica8 years ago
i do
Goodhart (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
Do you enjoy it, or just watch it because it bridges the gap between to other shows? :-)
Yes i do (its not just a gap) and its a weekly thing here :) can't wait for friday
Goodhart (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
They've had two days of successive back to back morning-afternoon runs of the show, so I have been able to get more of a feel for it (I haven't had much chance to see it at all before I hurt my back).
what happened
Goodhart (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
I have no clue really.  I took the Friday before Labor Day weekend off of work, and when I woke that Friday morning, I could hardly move.   Ever since then, I have been fighting to get something done about it.  
I finally got an MRI, and it shows the discs located at 2-3,  and 4-5 are bulging and pressing against my spinal column.   That is where my awful pain is coming from.   I do have pain pills to help take most of the edge off of it, but I do need to either start therapy soon, or just have the operation....this is no way to live, and I could end up without a job if things go on too long.
well you always will have a job at instrucables
Goodhart (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
Well, that would be nice, but they are on the other end of the country for one thing (they might as well be on the other end of the world, for as much as I can travel), and the other, well, I am not so sure they'd want an old fuddy-duddy around  ;-) 
haha like the pic
yokozuna8 years ago
 I like the show, but hardly ever actually sit down and watch it.  I only actually recognize 4 of the 7 characters in the picture.
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