Outdoor swing seat

My buddy, Steeeve, and I are big fans of a local restaurant that has a "tiki bar" in back, and our favorite feature is the rope swing chair at the bar. The seat hangs from three ropes. It's basically a bucket seat with a rigid, metal frame, so it doesn't  close in around you when you sit on it. This is then covered with leather. We are in the planning process of building some swing chairs of our own at the tiki bar at Steeeve's cabin. I am looking for any suggestions regarding the frames for the seats. Neither of us knows how to weld, and although we would both like to learn, I'm also looking for some more ready-made solutions.

Kiteman4 years ago
Why not use an actual bucket seat, from a scrapped sports car?
Purple Chez (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks! That could be very cool, but might be bulkier that we're looking for. the original at the restaurant is a simple frame of tube or strap steel and a leather cover. I'll hafta upload some pix.
Rather than steel, have you looked at the supporting frame from a "papasan" chair, like they sometimes sell at Cost Plus or Pier One?

Amazon also shows metal-frame folding chairs they call "moon chairs" or "sphere chairs". I suspect that you could remove the pins that attach the folding legs to the ring, and replace them with either eyebolts or shackles to attach to the supporting cables.
Purple Chez (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
The papasan chair idea sounds AWESOME. They would be too big for this application, but I'm gonna hold onto that idea. In the meantime I'll follow up on the moon chair.