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I would like to see some outdoors stuff that you guys have created. I have created a few things but am still fairly new and would like some ideas and just cool stuff to see. Thanks. 

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Street-Wise Irish (author) 1 year ago

but it is not all survival stuff, so I did not want to sort through it all

Street-Wise Irish (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Yeah ok, was just trying to make forum topic is all


If you're after a challenge, how about going into the wild with a ball of string, and building a full set of furniture?

Street-Wise Irish (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

wow, I am not after any challenge I just wanted to be in a forum is all

Kiteman1 year ago

We have a few things you can browse...


Was about to say the same LOL
If there is not enough to browse on Instructables I must have missed something.
A long time member now but still have not even scratched the surface of the available Ibles here.
Does not help to work on Ibles all the time either, does it? ROFL

Street-Wise Irish (author) 1 year ago

Ha ha ha