Oval shoelace charms (for paracord bracelets)


I'm trying my best to find someone who is selling blank oval or circle sholace charms/pendants or they call them also photo sholace charms. All I can find is rectangle ones.

Just like one on the picture below, but blank....

Thank you!

Picture of Oval shoelace charms (for paracord bracelets)
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eperry22 years ago

you can buy these on amazon.com for $3.99 or you can go to listia.com and bid for them.

eperry2 check out on ETSY whole bunch there

Bradnc94615 years ago
I have kits from basic of 10 charms with epoxy stickers to kits with 500+++ as well,

I can arrange any kit you would like ... mix and match, i can supply the oval craft punch, epoxy stickers, charm blanks, computer program, even laptop, image paper i use, and even a nice printer that will work perfect for making these..
alos detailed instructions.. I can get you set up to make these for yourself and start making charms for yourself and start getting attention from all the people in your neighborhood with this awesome fad that everyone loves.

Feel free to contact me and we can set up the package that works best for you

mention you seen me on instructables and mention what your needs might be, and i can give you a price quote.

Thanks .

email with imformation on buying kit from you


thank you

Do you still have kits to make charms?



Please send me a quote of the exact items and quantities to lisaroberts000@yahoo.com Thanks
Aloha bradnc! I was wondering if u could help me with some detailed information about making my own customized tags like the Dallas cowboys one above for my clothing line. If u can get back to me with this information so I can start making these accessories for my line I would greatly appreciate it! Please email me at rocawear58@hotmail.com. Mahalo, dayne
timr682 years ago


JacqueA2 years ago

I am trying to find an OIF and OEF Marine charm for paracord bracelets. Is there a specific way I should word it in the search or does anyone know where I can buy them?

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