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Here is something I came across recently and though you all would like to see it....inventive but maybe a bit "over the top" :-)

Here is the link...

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OK, looks good, but what happens if it snags the end of the spaghetti?
Eating bad food? You could almost say the crap hit the fan!
Bad food? I'll have you know I'm a good cook, and my wife is even better. I don't eat bad food, waste of effort! Now this fan fork would be just the thing for eating my Irish Beef Stew, as its so good, I eat it hot as it comes from the pot.
Lasagna always get me, it's sooo good!
so cheezy, so drenched in sauce, and so good! I have to agree.
OK, I'm hungry, off to lunch.
Goodhart (author)  trike road poet7 years ago
I'd label it: "Automatic food cooling",
or "how to blow your food in other people's faces".
WOW! Another way to have a food fight! I love it.
Goodhart (author)  trike road poet7 years ago
Hey, make the fan reversible for those that like to do it the lazy way ! Just open the mouth, turn on the fan to suck, and blow it in LOL
kelseymh7 years ago
Okay, I found some stuff.

Googling "fork fan" got me to a great "fork overdesign" collection. The link to Fork Fan takes you to a Web site for Photoshopping graphic designers, which no longer has that poster up.

What's interesting is that several of the other blogs which picked up the "same" image you did, had versions with "worth1000.com" in the lower left corner.
you can see in the lower left corner where someone's shopped out the W1k logo.

for anyone that likes to shop and chop, w1k is a great competition site...really fun (not spam, i've just spent many lunch breaks there and it's a great way to practice the craft)
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