Overkill Modification Kit: Deviance. R5 Defiance Mod

On July 13, 2014, the unofficial yet famous K'nex war will take place in Freemont Ohio and luckily this year I coming back a veteran. With all the experience and advice I got from last years war I will be a stronger competitor this year, with more powerful and sturdy knex guns. With all the fun and preparation involved in getting ready for a knex war it made me think of all the iblers who don't get to come down to Ohio for the war, so I decided to try one of my ibler's war guns at the knex war.      I ended up building the Red Book of Westmarch's R5 Defiance, A bolt action K'nex gun specificly designed for K'nex wars, and while he admitted he hadn't tried it at an official war he had tested it rigorously so he knew it war reliable. My stock version worked really well, it hit the range that Red had showed and it was pretty reliable. As you can easily tell by my final product, I changed practically everything about the gun. Why? Why would I do that if I was happy with it? Well there's a small difference in being happy with something and being confident with something. While the R5 was very reliable, I had trigger issues and a little chambering issue.          That also being said I also have an engineering saying that goes building something is easy mindless work, making something your own, that takes skills. So I made my R5 my own and changed everything but the magazine and general body. I added: a new trigger mechanism that increased pin draw ( the stock pin draw was fine too), magazine lock ( I have a vendetta against friction in K'nex guns.. ),  Upper chambering mechanism (because it makes the chambering smoother in my opinion), and a barrel (which prevents yellow rods from tumbling end over end).    My modifications only increased the reliability and the overall functionality of the gun. I would definitely recommend building the R5 Defiance because it's a great gun and it'll definitely help you in a knex war. Like any gun though, try it out and make it your own before using it in battle! Anyway thanks for reading and if you have any questions I'll be around.     JonnyBGood            (also if your wandering why I didn't break this up into paragraphs, instructibles doesn't let me use the return key for some reason. Sorry for the huge paragraph of rambling!)

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akshat210453 years ago

Dude, build instructions and enter it in the Remix contest!

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210453 years ago

Well I hate to disappoint you but I already disassembled it. It worked well but it was one of those guns that I have always had to troubleshoot, and if I broke, it broke in a way you had to disassemble a whole side of the gun to fix. I do plan on making a new bolt action sometime in the future and I advised Red on all the areas I felt needed improvement so his next model should kick the pants off this one.

LOL, "so his next model should kick the pants off this one..." I don't know about that bro. XD

Oh come on! You're the Red Book of Westmarch. I'm sure your next model will make this look like it's going out of style.

LOL, I'll have to remember that... Great (and very complementary) comment right here, folks.


You have to hold Shift and Enter keys to separate paragraphs man. This is cool! I like your spin on the gun! Also sorry about not showing you the phone camera mounts yet. I'll try to make a full Ible soon to share with you.

JonnyBGood (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

Sweet thanks for the tip! And thanks for liking the gun! I will check out the mount when you post itď

Yeah man I'll try to get to it soon. It's pretty simple to do, so hopefully I can get it done this weekend... No promises. ;)

JonnyBGood (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

okay, whenever you have it ready!

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