Overused Words

This is to post your overused words. Interestingly, I definitely have to say interesting and definitely.

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Xellers8 years ago
uhhh.... ummm..... the... well... sorry, but..... you know..... thank you.
umm "the"... I say too many words too much, it used to be theory, every dumb idea I said was "in theory" to justify it. There are others but none are coming to mind. Also I got through that without saying "the" but I spelt it thrice...
puffyfluff (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Congratulations! You won! You guessed the magical answer! Yes, that is so true...
I didn't guess it, that one's just obvious... I'm still trying to not say that one, it's getting harder with each sentence, however I'm still rambling without say that word, very common, most common used in english, so I've heard anyway. Maybe it's time I stop before this gets so complicated I can't find a way around that word.
puffyfluff (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
True, it's very hard not to say it. I realize now that I used it in my last comment...
My point exactly...
puffyfluff (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Yes. It's a special word, and shall only be used when absolutely necessary. I should write an essay on how not to say that very special word. It would be a wonderful essay! I didn't even spell it once...
It's a difficult word to avoid for sure, but when one puts his mind to it such things can be done, granted you'll sound very odd while doing such a thing.
puffyfluff (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
That is very true, it is very possible, but it is also true that it you will sound very odd. More challenges to add might be to not use it in contractions.
Sorry to spell that magical word... ...but I say 'therefore' too often in explanations. A few science tests ago I had a problem that asked me "What is the difference in momentum between two balls of equal SIZE when said balls are moving at a velocity of (ball1) 0m/s and (ball2) 100m/s?". I stated that difference in momentum between a stationary object and a moving object is impossible to calculate. I also stated that, according to relativity, you could say that those two balls had the same momentum in opposite directions. If ball one and two are equal in mass, you can say that ball1's momentum is equal to ball2's momentum, and each has a momentum of (whatever ball1's mass is multiplied by 50m/s). If you are moving towards ball1 (which is 'stationary') at 50m/s along the same plane that ball2 is moving towards ball1, it seems that ball1 is moving towards you at 50m/s, and ball2 is headed straight towards ball1 at an equal velocity.

I received a 90% grade, rather than 100%, for writing an answer that excelled to the point that even the teacher didn't understand it.
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