I want to thank everyone who answered my 1st post, a wealth of info. part 2 is i need to construct a small circuit board with leds, to finsih my projects. again thank you for your replies

pdlbooboo7 years ago
 If I recall correctly from my Physics class, the input of power will never equal the output of the device w/o the help of an outside source. What I mean by that is you will not get the same amount of power from a solar panel that you put out in a light bulb. Some energy will be lost to heat and other things than light and you can not focus the light just on the solar panels(otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose). So you would not be able to run the light bulb off itself w/ the solar panel. With the help of the sun, however, this may be possible. I hope this helped. Were you planning on testing this in anyway? 
humexavier9 years ago
can you supply a large building like the empire state building with solar panels inside the building to recycle all interior light of offices 24hours a day. what would the amount of energy that could be saved by placing solar panels inside building instead of sun light be converted :place photo voltaic(solar panels) inside and not only use sunlight but building light as well and change the world's need for so much electricity by half the cost.
ypchong9 years ago
dear macado : before i work in u . i know many solar pannel in china electronic market . one time . i ask them the price . it about hk$ 4000/12v .50w /one penal. but .7/feb is chinese new year . the shop will close.i know they will open in march. if you want to buy the meterial. you can contect me later . i help you to find the supplier. bye ...