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I have Pinacle Studio Software. After opening it is not opening any file for the few days ( previously it used to open) for editing purpose. Today after opening the software, i got the pop up as folows. UMI Usermade ISR IRQ Source IRQ Priority - Low - Medium IRQ Properties High Statistics Terminate UMI : Warning No IRQ Driver selected ok Kindly advice me further course action. Regards Bala TV

abbtech6 years ago
I see this thread is quite old but I am having the same issue. It worked yesterday and now I am getting this "UMI Warning, No IRQ driver selected" warning. The only thing I did since the last time I used it was install Camtasia Studio. I am thinking that software must be the problem...
revtimhall10 years ago
Yes, reinstalling software is the answer - many thanks
revtimhall10 years ago
I have just started receiving the same pop up! Please let me know if you get an answer
balatv44 (author)  revtimhall10 years ago
I have solved the problem. I reloaded the software asking it to repair. Now my programme is working well.Any how you may share your experience in solving the problem.