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Hello everyone. I am Kashif Raza from Pakistan. Since a few day i am facing a problem with PDF files. After downloading the file when i open it it gives me the error "There was an error opening this document. The file damaged and could not be repaired". I used many PDF reader softwares but all in vain. Now i am usin Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Sorry about my English as it is not my Mother or National Language).

Picture of PDF Error
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Keithr6068 years ago
When will the Error be fixed?

noahw8 years ago
As killerjackalope said, this is a known bug and we're working on it.  Are there any .pdf's that you'd like me to email to you in the team being? 

Or, I can post it here as an attachment, which seems to solve the corruption problem.

Just let me know,
raza896 (author)  noahw8 years ago
Thankx Noah. Are you sending me any .pdf file or you are sying me to send you a .pdf file? i could'nt understand. please tell me in detail.
Oh and I just saw this, noah's offering to send them to you... But my speculation may be wrong if he can attach them...
Moved to bugs, this problem seems to be an ongoing one, I'm sure the 'ibles staff are working on it, though you can tempt them with eggs and such.
raza896 (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
killerjackalope thankx for repling. is there any other way to repair the files?????
Not that I know of, you could try some file recovery programs but it's likely a corruption caused while converting the database info that the HTML pages are based on in to a PDF format, possibly from the new editor, though this is speculation for now...