PDF File Not Updating

I editted an instructable that I submitted yesterday. I added new pictures, attached some files, and added some new instructions. These items are shown correctly on the instructables; however, the automatically generated PDF file was not updated. It's contents still show a previous version of my instructable.

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lebowski9 years ago
It takes a little while for the pdf to update as it gets cached for up to 24 hours. We will have some new caching servers that will make it easier to purge, but until then, just be patient.
noahw9 years ago
They should be updating as the Instructable is changed. Some time has passed since you did the editing now, has the file updated? What Instructable is this pertaining to? If you're still having trouble, I'll have our dev team look into it. Thanks for the heads up.
kelseymh noahw9 years ago
Is the PDF generated statically when the I'ble is published? I had assumed it was on request (i.e., when a user selects the link), so that up to date ads and "relateds" would be incorporated. BTW, are there any feature improvements (a.k.a. bug fixes :-) planned for the PDFs? There had been a discussion of rationalizing the image sizes a month or two ago.
noahw kelseymh9 years ago
Can you bring me up to speed - I didn't see that conversation. What do you mean by rationalizing image sizes.
kelseymh noahw9 years ago
I'll try to track it down. It was one of the PDF topics under Feedback. The bottom line is this: Right now, the PDFs have picturess which are sized proportional to their original image dimensions. That means you can have some GIANT pictures right next to tiny ones.

It would be really nice if the PDF generator scaled images so they were all close to the same size. I realize that any implemented algorithm would be complicated, but even an approximate scaling would make the output nicer to print and read.
thb43 (author)  noahw9 years ago
Actually after some testing here I think the pdf is actually OK. Here is a summary of what happened: 1) Submitted the instructable and the pdf was generated, 2) opened pdf and everything looked good, 3) editted the instructable by adding more pics and text and saved again, 4) opened the pdf and the original pdf was still being displayed (in internet explorer), 5) opened the pdf from a different browser (firefox, safari, chrome) and the updated pdf was displayed correctly, 6) opened the pdf again in internet explorer and the original pdf was displayed again, not the updated one, 7) cleared cache on internet explorer and reopened pdf to find original pdf (not the updated one) was still being displayed, 8) I figured that adobe pdf plugin viewer must have it's own cache somewhere so I found this and deleted the cached version of the pdf that adobe plugin was using, 9) reopened pdf from internet explorer and the updated pdf file was displayed as expected. Not sure how to make pdf files update to latest automatically if one exists, but at least we know the pdf is being generated correctly.