PDF downloaded but no instructions included

Has anyone had any problems downloading the following instructable:

I recently took on a pro membership specifically to receive the instructions for this project, but when I downloaded the PDF there were no instructions given at all. It only showed the table of contents, the images, the comments and related instructables etc, but doesn't actually tell you how to make the coasters. 

I've contacted the services team, so hopefully they'll be able to fix the problem, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this before. 

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cedew4 years ago
Works for me. Can anyone download the below? I keep ending up with a 0kb file.
Try downloading the 'custom PDF' option, found underneath the regular download PDF option. It's a big file, so give it time to download. Also, make sure you don't have any script-blocking add-ons running that can inhibit your download.
I'm a maroon, thanks mikeasaurus!
cedew4 years ago
In Firefox 26.0, it shows I'm logged in when at the home page, but when I view the paramotor-ible, it asks me to login. In Chrome is where I end up with the 0kb file.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
All of our projects are created by individuals just like you. Sometimes people decide to only share the finished product instead of a step-by-step tutorial - which is the case with the project your reference.
We provide PDF's of projects exactly as they are shown on our site, so in this case the PDF will only show one picture and a paragraph of text.