PEMF device that mimics earth's magnetic field?

I am very interested in making a pulsed electric magnetic field device that mimics the Earth's own magnetic field.

It could be as simple as one single coil. That coil would have to have a magnetic field that measures in the 30 to 90 microTesla range, and it would have to be able to be pulsed in the 5 to 45 Hz frequency range, since that is roughly the strength and frequency of the Earth's own magnetic field

Any ideas on how to make that happen? I am a reasonably intelligent person, but I am not necessarily technically gifted. So for somebody this might be uber simple, I don't know, but I am just not sure how to go about doing this.

What do you think?

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caguirre51 year ago

Kelseymh, the geomagnetic field of the earth fluctuates and affects plants and animals apparently. The Global Coherence Initiative of the Heart Math Institute is doing research, including burying very sensitive magnetic sensors at points around the globe to get a picture of what the planet's realtime mag field looks like. Real "science" in my book.

I'm interested in using Lapis' setup but to replace the PEMF medical devices going for $20k and being used by Dr. Garry Gordon, who spoke at my nonprofit last night, I'd be willing to fund an opensource PEMF project too, potentially.

I am in the initial stages of developing an electronic device for AFIB occurring when very low frequency magnetic fields precede a low pressure wx front. There are studies that were conducted in the late 60's on this magnetic field and effects on AFIB, and current scientific studies being conducted in Sweden and Norway that confirm this effect. Personally, a major low front gets me everytime and then goes away when the high pressure comes in or the front passes. The beta blockers that I use are not effective during this time. I have sporadic AFIB but nothing wrong with my heart itself. . To my knowledge, no one is working on a device to cancel these waves... My contact number is 502-368-3807.. Paul Schuster. if this is of interest to you.

Hi Paul, have you made any progress on this project?



Uh, huh. Twelve sensors. That'll do an excellent job of mapping the geomagnetic field with a resolution of about 1,000,000 km2, and providing, maybe, "real time" variations of the geomagnetic field at twelve specific locations, not globally.

We already have plenty of satellites (with results published in proper peer-reviewed scientific journals) which can map the geomagnetic field on timescales of roughly a week, at resolutions of tens of square kilometers over the entire planet.

i think he's talking about measuring the frequency of Schumann not the magnetic field amplitude.

this one looks good but 11K still seems like a lot of money for the technology. lifetime warranty whatever that means, but 22 kilogauss and evidently a square wave. adjustable frequency and amplitude. looks like a whole body Bob Beck pulser to me. with God-know's what in the chemtrails i'm looking to get one.

Contact me and lets talk about pemf...Brad
Arano7 years ago
what do you want to do with it?
lapis lazuli (author)  Arano7 years ago
I want to see how it will affect plants grown in a greenhouse if placed directly under the pots
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