PICAXE "snap connector" kitset

Check the kids level "snap connector" PICAXE microcontroller DIY kit ! => https://www.instructables.com/id/quotSnap_connectorquot_PICAXE_microcontroller/

Picture of PICAXE
Da_Fudge8 years ago
Saw this in Silicon Chip recently. Looks really good, a nice intro for all the young(er) kids that want to get into the awesome world of electronics.
sci4me Da_Fudge6 years ago
No offense, but in my opinion, thatz for babies. And im only 12. lol. Im kinda an electronics freak. Me & my friend are workin on a robot. (No offense to him, but im doin most of the electronical/softwarewise work.) lol.
And he's handling all the English language bits, spelling, grammar etc ?