PLEASE HELP!! (sonic grenade)

I'm trying to make an insanely powerful, directional sonic grenade. all I need to know, is how in the world to get something smaller than my fist to put out between 300 and 600 DB however, there is a small catch. I want it to put out a pre-recorded sound that I designate. not just a random beeping.

jakee11710 years ago
one word - Google lol that probably wasnt very helpful was it?
VIRON10 years ago
A handful of old smoke alarm Beepers? ((@@)) ! Radio Shack USED TO sell an extreme variety of them!
royalestel10 years ago
Yep, or 3 or 4 whistle key finders.
Lftndbt10 years ago
How bout a $5 Personal alarm? They have a pull switch already and are damn loud... Enclose three in a capsule and link all they magnetic pull switchs together... You would have your 400+ db fist sized sonic grenade... You could then experiment with a fragment version where the three units smash apart on impact sending blarring units everywhere!