WipeCarbon campaign designed to kick-start a million pledges from all of us which will reduce emissions of Carbon and help us to reduce the side effects in Global Warming. We are not looking for anything life changing here. Small commitments will not cost you a cent but they will make a big difference! How much does it cost to switch off your lights when you’re not using them? Or to switch off your electronics when they are not in use? These are just some of the small habits which we hope to inspire. A million of these small commitments is a big impact. Its that simple. Each pledge is one more person who cares about the planet. One more person who thinks before they buy or who considers how to reduce the energy waste in their lives. One more person who knows that global warming will not be solved by a single person but by all of us working together. This is what Wipecarbon is about. Come Let us all share and spread this beautiful message around with our loved ones and make this network a strong foundation for creating this Green Globe . Our initiative will surely make more and more people to drive towards it and take this pledge Million of these commitments will make it a ocean and create a beautiful globe joining hands with us. www.wipecarbon.com

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Owenmon7 years ago
Haha. Nothing is better then a good ol' green joke. :-)
blue728 years ago
i believe in saving the planet i did my own forum on it
Owenmon blue727 years ago
If you want to save the planet, stop using the computer, television, cellphone, and every stinking electronic! =P
we need active supporters to get in here and help us. Reality Bites but we need true lovers of Nature to help this cause.
And now the true lovers ... Hummmm ... Ok I see you suggest Eco Eating by "Buy fair-trade-certified foods: It ensures proper wages and working conditions for the people who harvest and handle your food." But when it comes to the loving part "Use recycled gold for your wedding rings The mining of gold leaves environmental devastation in its wake by leaving arsenic residues and other problems associated with mining. Diamond mining also has negative environmental consequences" Who cares how much blood is spilled on the procurement of those Diamonds...... (( And can you guess where they are processed ? And who processes them, and what / if they are payed ? )) You Can and Should buy only CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS, new or re-used..... If you think CO2 is bad try stepping on a PMN-2 (( nick named the Black-widow )) anti-personnel landmine, This is the most commonly used anti-personal landmine in conflict areas.... ((( if you want to think of it in CO2 output, think like this, We will cut down an entire forest to remove them, with huge diesel powered equipment, which can cut down and process a tree, and I have seen beautiful old growth trees geting getting chopped.... Faster then you can say those wedding vows, to return the land to a Landmine/ UXO free state... )))
We all start from somewhere. No one can save the entire world and the corruption and the blood spilt. Its all relative. But in small ways we can start and do more bit by bit. Not through websites but in reality as well. Your points are very beautiful and nicely explained but whats the crux of the matter? What are you doing to help? Cheers
The "Crux" ? Your website needs to be corrected, and I would suggest you make it, on a more "Global" bias I went to take the green quiz and I know nothing about how much trash is produced in the UK...

And maybe some transparency, where is your funding coming from, are you trying to get supporters to support Google ads ?

Now to say no one can save the entire world and the corruption, If you buy one non conflict diamond, say from Canada, and that stops the sale of just one AK-47 and several hundred 7.62 mm X 39 mm rounds, they are only a few dollars in Africa, you may of just saved several lives... Is that diamond not worth it. ??? you alone may not save the world, but you alone may save several lives by making the ethically correct choices, and in the long run it does really cost you any more to do the right thing...

Now to ask what I'm doing to help others, right now I'm working on a composite and low metal content landmine detection system, which will allow demining crews to find plastic mines with greater accuracy, and return unusable, unsafe areas of our planet into either useable farm land or it's natural state... (( which might be why I take exception to, buy fairly traded food but who cares where the diamonds come from, and there is no mention of ethically traded cotton either .. )) And while some people I have talked to, said if they put more land mines in the ground it's good for me, thinking from a business point of view, but with the millions already out there I think I have enough to keep me plugging away for the next 1000 years....

Oh and yes on the environmental issues I use CFL's, in fact the only incandescent light bulbs in my house are in the Microwave 15 watt , the oven 40 watt and fridge 15 watt, I didn't even grumble about the cost of several Metal Halide fixtures to reduce my total power load, I get great enjoyment from gardening and growing and eating my own food, I actually give about 80 to 90 % of what I grow away, but I do have a huge garden, I'm starting to generate my own solar power, I buy conflict free diamonds, I don't use new tanalite capacitors in my electronic designs, I will use salvaged from scrap ones (( To see why click here )) And my christmas lights are LED and they are also Solar powered (( yes they are on every night all year round but I don't have street lighting where I live )), And I recycle about 50 to 70 computer, monitors,printers a year to give to people that need them, Ya, Ok every one in my area take's there broken treasures to my house for them to get reused ...
wow good. Thanks for the hints. I think we need to update the site. I will try to do something. As for the funding, its my company who started it. Its philanthropic and we dont intend to do business. For ads! We just want people to be aware of this and register by partaking in the questionnaire and do what it says as well. Thats all. Anyways I read you are from Alberta. Canada. I am from India name is Shaz. I work and am trying our best to make this website a global phenomenon but about carbon in India. We will take your advice if you give us some valid and helpful suggestions. Thanks and bye
For all your big talks how many of you have signed on www.wipecabon.com and pledged to do what it says on that site? Please tell me since I am curious to know.
Well looking at your website it looks like 4836 people But your website is suggesting things like this "We always cook too much at Christmas - ensure all spare food has cooled before putting it in the fridge as this will help save energy" Hum..... how energy does this save ?? Have you seen the energy requirements of a hospital lately ? And then there is the energy requirements of a large pharmaceutical company? So is the food poisoning worth the very little bit of carbon that might get used to properly store food? And how much carbon and carbon based products like methane are released when I toss out the spoiled food ? SUCH A WASTE... You may not be aware of this but there is people on this planet that are starving, and dieing from malnutrition, and from checking your location, there is people in India who are starving today... Yet your website promotes such wasteful practices .... And Scaremongering........ TO save some carbon, consider pulling the plug on your server, while you correct oversights like this........
Ok sounds good. Thanks for the suggestions. But did you register? At the end of the day big talk doesnt help. We need supporters and helpers not critics. If I need critics I can go publish a book to create waves!! LOL Anyways we will try to change the website accordingly but it would be good if you understood the real meaning. Means pledge a cause and do what it takes to help people and avoid global warming.
You need supporters and helpers, I hate to be the one to say this but critics are also helpers, they help to point out over sights, inaccuracies, flaw, and things that are not right or fair ... This allows one to improve, in your case, your website, which may / will improve other peoples lives either directly or indirectly, you may of saved the lives of many people just by altering a few lines of text, yes it could be that simple.....
you are right on that count. Thanks. I now request you to register and also give us your ideas. We intend to start big already doing alot of campaigns and social work in India. Shaz
wipecarbon (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for the comments. WE have a lot of work to do. The earth is sending us an urgent message! We face a climate crisis. You've heard it; you've done some things to help. Good. WE want you to do more.
I appreciate your passion. Certainly we all want to leave a decent environment for our children and grandchildren. I do several of the "little" things to help, but I'm not optimistic. "Green" needs to be financially rewarding for China, India, and most of Africa to buy in. It's hard to think "green" when you're just getting by. I do think global warming is part of a cycle, but I can't deny the poisoning nature of unneccessary polutants in the air and water. It doesn't hurt for us to all conserve a little. More power to you!
i want to get some solar panels tho for our house and hook em up but im only 15.... =(
What's wrong with being 15 ?? Even if you only get a small panel, say a 1 watt to power some LED's it's one watt less your pulling off the gird and this will allow you to learn and build bigger and bigger systems ....... There is nothing wrong with starting small... honestly most of us have been there at one point or another (( my first solar panel was a $10 wal-mart 1.8 watt panel ))
wipecarbon (author) 8 years ago
There are many excuses people give for not recycling, one of them being “What I throw away doesn't amount to much." That's just not true. In Massachusetts alone we throw away 6.8 million tons of solid waste a year. An average person produces 4.3 pounds of waste a day. By recycling, you really are making a difference.
How about "the recycling company refuses to recycle our stuff" True story. They will pick up everyone around us' stuff. It just sat there. Week after week, they refused to pick it up. Then they took our box away from us because we refused to pay them for not picking it up. But I have started trying to save water. The drought kind of forced us to, or pay twice as much on the water bill.
wipecarbon (author)  its a lion8 years ago
ohh, thanks for save water. Of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh. Less than one third of 1% of this fresh water is available for human use. The rest is frozen in glaciers or polar ice caps, or is deep within the earth, beyond our reach. To put it another way, if 100 litres represents the world's water, about half a tablespoon of it is fresh water available for our use.
One third of the world's population is already facing problems due to both water shortage and poor drinking water quality. Effects include massive outbreaks of disease, malnourishment and crop failure
Ok on the whole water issue, most domestic use of water doesn't effect the water cycle much, most if not all fresh water is recycled and recycled, yep that 5 gallon bottle sitting on the water cooler has already been threw about 7 bladders, doesn't that make it sound appealing ??

It's more the industrial uses of water like oil fields pumping water and using it for lubricants while drilling underground, this water will be lost forever.....

And that one third of the population facing water shortages and outbreaks of disease, and poor drinking water quality, would that be in developing nations like Africa ?

The only shortage there is a shortage of cash, I have lived there, I have helped build several wells... But even foreign governments who promise cash fail to deliver... So before you try and use them as an example, for nothing other then scaremongering, Consider this, In the developed nations we manufacture pumps, I have a well and a 1/2 HP pump it is worth under 1% of my income for the year, now in Zimbabwe it's 3 years of someones total income, and if they would like to eat, by the time they are done paying for the first pump they will need to be using there third maybe fourth pump, thats assuming they get about a 15 year life out of the pump ....

To see more about this problem please read the data report at http://www.thedatareport.org/pdf/DATAREPORT2007.pdf

And please don't get me wrong I'm not saying you shouldn't try to conserve water, but don't use scaremongering ................
uguy8 years ago
I pledge to save water by flushing the toilet only twice a day.
o god that would stink after a bit lol
And why is that?
cause ur letting ur piss and "feces" to sit there for a few hours at a time lol
well there is that old saying "If it's yellow let it mellow, and if it's brown flush it down"
Goodhart uguy8 years ago
Getting a modern update to the toilet is a better idea. The newer ones don't have that big ole tank in the back anymore.
wipecarbon (author)  uguy8 years ago
Wow, thanks. The bathroom and toilet use nearly 40% of all water in the home. The shower is a water hotspot, but you can easily save water by installing a water efficient showerhead. By saving water you can help protect wildlife like birds and fish that live in rivers and wetlands. You can also cut the energy needed for treating water, helping reduce climate change.
i pledge to start resusing my cups instead of getting a new one every time from the kitchen when i get a drink...by doing this ill save water by not having to use the dish washer as much. and ill start to use the shower water saving shower head now over the other washroom with the old showerhead
wipecarbon (author)  teaaddict3148 years ago
If we recycled all of the newspapers printed in the U.S. on a typical Sunday, we would save 550,000 trees — or about 26 million trees per year. It takes less 70 to 90% less energy to make recycled paper, saves 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper, and it prevents the loss of forests worldwide. More than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) trees are used to make disposable diapers every year
y are you responding to my post?????
wipecarbon (author) 8 years ago
WipeCarbonA Valentine's Day for people who love the planet
Instead of driving to a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner, take mass transit or cook a romantic dinner from home.
Bake cookies or other goodies for your valentine and package them in reusable and/or recyclable containers as gifts.
Buy cards that use recyclable paper, send e-mail cards, or make your own.
Buy organic flowers or live bushes, shrubs, or trees that can be planted in the spring
Give green gifts such as blue-sky power, or make a donation to an environmental organization.
Come Let us all share and spread this beautiful message around with our loved ones and make this network a strong foundation for creating this Green Globe. www.wipecarbon.com
wipecarbon (author) 8 years ago
We need big changes but we need small changes too. For example, changing a light bulb. That is something everyone can do. There is now a new CFL light bulb that is 75% more energy efficient which means less carbon dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere. That's just one simple thing every student can do today. Here's another one - every student can unplug their iPod, cell phone and digital camera from the wall. Leaving a charger in the wall continues to waste energy that you aren't even using.
Goodhart8 years ago
We recycle all plastics they take (which sadly is not all plastics), and all glass, aluminum, batteries and newspapers / cardboard, even the plastic grocery bags are recyclable in my area.
ll.138 years ago
f00sh! =)