PLease help me find an animation or sound for my project!


I have a project due friday about volcanos. I'm doing the report on Mt. Vesuvius.

I'm gonna make a powerpoint presentation and I'm looking for animations of GIFs about volcanoes. I found some, but they're either really slow or explainatory. I just want some big explosions. I got nowhere else to go, so i was wondering if someone knows a good website to find VOlcanic eruption animations of GIFs. SOunds would be very helpful too.

pwease help

Picture of PLease help me find an animation or sound for my project!
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110100101109 years ago
search youtube
download with
add to presentation or just open as files

i think some fragments from the following may be ok (btw i really enjoyed a lot of music from those sites. its put online by the authors so should be ok to download)

for the intro of the presentation

for the volcano blasting
beginning of

46:04+ or 47:02+ in (there are spaces in the link. copy paste the entire line to the raft) mp3s/Abe Andon Trance Session 2005.mp3

03:38+ in

some tunes for an impressive exit
63:04 in

39:18+ or 40:07+ or 41:37 in mp3s/Abe Andon Trance Session 2006.mp3
Keith-Kid (author)  110100101109 years ago
Um....if you didn't notice, this is from March.....
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Googling "volcano GIFs" turns up a lot of stuff that looks promising.
Keith-Kid (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Suprisingly, that's the only term I didnt search. I tried eruptions, volcanic eruptions. volcanin eruption GIFs, <>animation, but thanks! I found some pretty useful stuff!!!!!
. heehee Tunnel vision. Happens to us all at times.