PM with empty subject is not clickable

When someone sends a PM with empty subject, the you:inbox page lists the message, but the item is not clickable.

Actually, looking at the HTML code reveals that there is a link, but it is invisible because the <a> tag is empty:

<a href="/you/inbox?view=X7N7ZDIGKTJO4PO" class="inboxUnread"></a>

(In the above example, the message can be accessed by prepending the base url to the href attribute:

Suggested fix: when the subject is empty, emit something like:

<a href="/you/inbox?view=X7N7ZDIGKTJO4PO" class="inboxUnread"><i>(No subject)</i></a>

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Jayefuu6 years ago
Pretty sure I reported this bug about 2 months ago. I thought they'd fixed it......
Nope. I just went through all of your forum topics, and you never reported this bug. You might check your "unpublished forum topics" in your profile, and see if maybe you forgot to click the third or fourth "yes, I really want to publish this" button ;-(
I usually don't publish forum topics for bugs I just email the service email address directly so it won't be in my unpublished list.
Not necessarily the best choice. It means (a) no one else knows that the bug has already been reported; (b) neither you nor anyone else can cite your bug report; (c) how do we know you're not part of the conspiracy?
True but that's what's easiest for me. i know it gets straight to those that need it and I don't have to worry about spamming my subscribers or getting a whole load of replied in my email inbox. Selfish? Yes. Easier for me and better than nothing? Yup!
Kiteman6 years ago
For a workaround, check your emails - the text of the message will be there.
laxap (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Indeed, thanks; and the e-mail also contains a link to reply to the message.
Although small and infrequent, still a bug to be reported...
kelseymh laxap6 years ago
Indeed, and thank you for reporting it! It's also good to see someone else with proper knowledge of HTML :-)