PM's are running off the page!

First off, thanks to staff for fixing the return key function in PM's (private messages).

Unfortunately, with one fix, something else breaks, as messages in PM's are now running off the page and out of the message box. I was able to confirm this with another member (so it's not just me).

*Updated with screenshot of PM (viewing in Instructables)

2nd screenshot shows what PM's look like in my email (you'll see its really hard to read), and it wasn't like this before. After every word is   (HTML non-breaking space). I presume this has something to do with the bug.

- Mac OS X 10.6.8
- Safari 5.1.4

Picture of PM's are running off the page!
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mikeasaurus5 years ago
Not sure how I missed this. Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into it!
I suggest a new category bugs with bugs.
canucksgirl (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
@mike... No worries. Kiteman countered my PM (as I'm sure you noticed my email was the sample)...

@cdad... Good idea, for when staff members are asleep. :P
@canucksgirl... I had suggested they open up site update announcements for comment so they could tie bugs back to changes that were made, kinda like how most software releases are done but hey, I always know to put them in the instructables suggestion box... :P
canucksgirl (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I agree with you... that makes a lot of sense. At least for a week or so, leave comments open and just make a bold face note to only post problems related to the update, should be sufficient.

In this case, I noticed the problem within an hour of the update, and didn't have anywhere to comment except for on my original bug report, where I had hoped staff would notice... :(

BTW: Love the shameless plug of the Instructables suggestion box. :P
canucksgirl (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
*PM*.... (you know what I mean).. :)
canucksgirl (author) 5 years ago
First of all... Thank you staff for fixing the PM's so that they are no longer running off the page.

Is there a possibility that they can be further fixed so that words are not arbitrarily broken apart at the end of the message box?

For example: In one message the word "text" was broken in half. "te" was on one line and "xt" was on the next line.

Technically, the breaks should occur on spaces... right? :-)
canucksgirl (author) 5 years ago
Any update/comment from staff on this one? :)
Kiteman5 years ago
Yoink, I am also getting this bug (FF13.0.1, under XP Home Edition).
See Canucksgirl's update to the main text. Apparently the PM text filter is replacing normal whitespace with non-breaking-space codes. That forces browsers (all browsers!) to treat the entire paragraph as one extremely long word. Sigh.
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