Here you can post instrucatables that you've made or found regarding the totally awsomeness of ninja weapons. Examples of what you can post: instructables for:Kunais, Shurikan, bokken, shinai, etc. This is basically a reference forum for our club members.

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dude7876 years ago
will someone tell me how to make a duct tape kunai and that would be my fav
Mplinnc7 years ago
I like any wepon but i hate the staff.
LoneWolf8 years ago
8bit8 years ago
Goodhart9 years ago
"If your mind / body connection is not your best weapon, none of the rest will matter, no matter how good they are." ;-)
ibayibay19 years ago
I have a paper kunai(Kunai, one of my favorite weapons) instructable. Here is a link: Paper Kunai and Sheath
Camisado9 years ago
Almost all my I'bles are about weapons. Check it out.
gaara_rox_forever (author)  Camisado9 years ago
i have, they're great