PP19 Bizon

hey guys, heres my early Xmas present to you, A PP19 Bizon, I decided to give it a go because I noticed that there hasn't been one posted, I wanted to give you guys a Xmas gift and I was bored, It shoots blue rods, havn't tested the range, but I'm expecting about 10m, nothing to special.

I only spent a few hours on this so it may not be as good as I can get it.

so tell me what do you think?

Picture of PP19 Bizon
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W trouble7 years ago
suuugar, lollipops, is a sweet trip to the candy shop!
Seleziona8 years ago
I think.......
I don't think you can.........
Don't troll. Especially on old threads.
sprout_less8 years ago
 Looks good, but I don't know about mechanics
knexfan91828 years ago
you know that if one picture is blurry you can just take another
~KGB~8 years ago
nice replica!
Fred the Penguin (author)  ~KGB~8 years ago
thanks, It works alright but the trigger still needs some work...