Whats better than a good prank? How about one that can be made at home for under $10.00. (any good ideas accepted)

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craftyv6 years ago
I cannot work out the difference between Bullying and a prank except the prank is "supposedly funny". It is in fact only funny to the perpetrator annd not the recipient. Saying sorry, it was a joke, does not cut it. I had a friend who's boy friend was "pranking" all the time making more and more complex ideas and more other people involved. Believe me it was not in the least funny. I decided that some of you would think that i'm a party pooper but I decided that my fear of criticism should not prevent me giving my point of view.
happyjo6 years ago
Unscrew your shower nozzle thingy and put a boullion cube in and screw it back on. The next showerer (hopefully not you) will get a beefy surprise.
Dumchicken6 years ago
take the lid of a soda bottle cut some plastic wrap pull it around the opening
tie a string to the plastic wrap tape the bottle to the door frame(the top) then tape
the string to the door and then they get a nice soda shower
jmstanley278 years ago
loosen the hinges on a door. when opened it falls. really funny
royalestel10 years ago
There's always the classic saran wrap on the toilet seat. But my personal favorite (I've heard, I've never been so cruel as to actually do it) is to get powdered methyl blue (a cell-stainer used in biology) and mix it with a petroleum jelly. Rub a little of that on the underside of a door knob. When your target opens the door, they'll get some dark blue goop on their hand. If you're lucky, they'll try to wash it off. The water will dissolve the methyl blue and stain their hands. The more they wash, the bigger the stain gets. Lasts for a couple weeks. Heard that one from a former Navy Seal.
There's always the classic saran wrap on the toilet seat.

Yeah, have heard of putting the petroleum jelly on the toilet seat too....messy and not easily removed.
somewhere on the site there's an instructable on putting icyhot on the toilet seat. it gets really cold then burns like hel*
Yeah well, the instructions on some of those kind of products warn not to get it anywhere near mucus membranes (like inside the nose, eyes, an other bodily orifices), so that could become more than just a prank.
Goodhart9 years ago
I have always found the marbles in the med cabinate pretty funny :-)
Also, there is the [ Door knocker, door bell prank -)]
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