OK, I've been a sneaky DIY for a while now, just stealing idea's but not really contributing. Bummer. In my defense I'm currently deployed to Iraq OIF 07-09. Question is what would YOU do as President? How would you help the American people? Background, I'm a gemini, and hope i don't get so out of hand i get banned. (Please keep your input on the U.S. only) Ok, so here i go..... If I was Pres I would round up certain people with certain things (say bums, or the sick and diseased) and "off" them. I would stop competition in consumer goods (ie, why sell energy saving light bulbs, and the crappy ones as well) I would force companies to comply to a higher standard for the greater good.<---this part IS communistic, but only for consumer goods that go to market. If President, I would have large meetings INHOUSE, i would not leave my country to "talk" to other countries, I have a phone, or a VP/VIP i could send. These meetings would gather expert people, in whatever field... for instance the internet, and would make it run flawlessly..... no dead links, no BS info, mmmmm sounds good. I would make a government website, FOR THE PEOPLE, (created by the best web guru's, government guarenteed secure) and it would more or less be an online census, it would be your forced load page.... you couldnt have fun on the web without answering a few questions, about anything. of course personal info, CIA FBI stuff, but mainly for an immediate update as to what the people want, when they want it, and how they expect it ive so soo much more... thats all for now. Call me crazy, i dont care....... what would you do?

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zachninme9 years ago
Sorry for bumping this, but I went to rate this, and I couldn't decide. On one hand, the topic itself is just terrible from my stance. We've all pretty much voiced our killarowa distaste. However, in doing so, we sparked some really good, thoughtful discussion. I guess I'll give it a 4/5.
Kiteman9 years ago
..."off" them... ...FOR THE PEOPLE...

And who says Americans don't understand irony?

Me? Socialism-ish.

  • America needs a state-funded health-system.
  • It needs a net to catch the poor.
  • It needs to do something about it's education system.
  • It needs to cut the power of the churches, disband religious lobby-groups, ban them from holding positions on education and hospital boards.
Seconded! Socialism is the way to go! (Though lets not get too Socialist... I here that France pays a 70% income tax. Is that true??)

What killarowa seems to be talking about is BLATANT COMMUNISM. I denounce thee, sir!
> (Though lets not get too Socialist... I here that France pays a 70% income tax. Is that true??)

Wow, it was so small that I missed that one !
If it was 70%, I think we would make a new revolution and guillotine many politicians ...

From wikipedia : «The French income tax is a progressive tax, i.e. tax is an increasing piecewise linear continuous function of income»

The maximum is 40% for peoples that make more than 67,000€ a month.
If you make less than 5,600€, it's 0%.
(It's calculated on the gross salary of course)
I've always thought that progressive taxes made more sense, even though I didn't know the term :P
percent is a linear term, they need to create something thats exponental. perpercent or something :P
Okay, thank you for clarifying that.
I mean : more than 67,000€ a year
Socialism is the way to go?! NO WAY!
What do you mean? We could benefit from socialism. I think the healthiest option would be a happy medium between capitalism and socialism.
Socialism: An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity.

Without Competition, prices can skyrocket and noone can do anything about it. That's why they have competition now; to prevent a monopoly. If there is no competition, than one company that can lower prices and still be profitable can do so, and the rest of the companies go out of business. Then said company can raise prices and, seeing as how they are the only one in the business, you have to buy them at the ridiculously high price.
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