PS2 Laptop?

How can I turn a ps2 into a laptop? I would like to rearrange the components of the (fat) ps2 into a more squarish shape and be able to house like a 15" screen: a replacement laptop screen from ebay for example. Fully functional ps2 Built in screen Built in keyboard 2+ usb slots controller/mem card inputs on the sides and a single power supply to power the ps2 and the screen Any help would be great, thanks

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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
get a slim ps2, then you can do it, with a phat one, you'll need to re-wire so many components... slim is almost a laptop, just needs a screen and a power supply
evillordnikon (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
a screen a power supply and a keyboard... but i have a fat ps2 already which is why i was leaning towards moding a fat one... besides, rewiring it sounds kinda fun :) thanks for your reply btw
i would re-concider keeping that phat intact, and get a used ps2 slim, it probably uses less power, which = longer gaming time


then i would probably buy a lithium ion battery, and charger combo,

as for the monitor, a ps1 screen (hacked) ~$50

yep the fat uses about 12-15volts, and the slim uses 8.5. btw, what do i do with a broken fat?
The fat uses 12v and 5v and once the power supply has been removed you can power it easily off 12v and then an 7805 will step in down to 5v needed as well. The fat draws more power then the slim which won't matter unless your planning to run it on batteries, with the fat you "laptop" will also end up a bit chunky beacuse of the drive unless you modify it. Also not reading the CD/DVDs is a common problem, replacing the laser in the drive fixes this.
yeah, but cant find the laser in any stores, i cant find it on dealextreme, and im not shelling out upwards of $50 to get it fixed at a repair shop
You can get them for around $20 on eBay, search KHS-400B, KHS-400C, PS-400H or PS-400Q depending the the model of laser in your system. Hope that helps! :)
sell it for parts on ebay, unless you know what is wrong with it
it doesn't read the cd's, but i guess it lasted 8 years,thats a while for a ps2, isn't it?
either get a new laser or sell it for parts, and claim that all it needs is a new laser
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