PS2 to PC ???

hey there, heres my problem, i have a PS2 and a computer, i only have 1 tv, it's in the living room and always in use, thus i can't use it for my PS2 but my computer could be used for such IF i can find a way to make, or if i have to, buy somthing to connect the PS2 to my PC so i can use my PC monitor and speakers to play my PS2. i would deffenantly prefer to make something though, just cheaper that way cuz i think i would have all the parts already. if u can help me out it would be greatly appriciated and if not then thanks anyway i appriciate the effort.

computer_gui10 years ago
well if your monitor supports sync on green you could make a component to vga adapter
stickytrickey10 years ago
I have a tv tuner as well there really fun. You could also use a ps2 emulator. It would be way cheaper.
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