PS3 or x-box 360

This is my situation: 1. My best friend lives right next to me and owns a 360. I can go an play his all the time. 2. The price is not important (I've saved up) 3. I don't have an HDTV 4. I want the best graphics Which console should I buy? Will the PS3 come out on top in a year or so?

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JACKBARRY5 years ago
badams195 years ago
skeddy955 years ago
The 360 is definately the best hands down halo and gears of war are some of the best games ever and you cant even play them on ps3 also on ps3 the internet might be free but it will always be worse than xbox live because more people would rather pay for live then get it for free and have it lag you out every other game, i think 360 is much much better.
Halo and Gears of war are the lamest games in the world, have you ever played Uncharted or God of War on an Xbox 360.

Thats right you havn't so buy a PS3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uncharted wasnt even tht good of a game but god of war was awesome but there are so many better games for 360 than ps3 and the online is better on 360 its more stable.
Ahhhhhhh No, Uncharted was the king, PS3 also has LBP, Gran Turismo, The Last of Us, Kill Zone, Loco Roco, Resistance and Metal Gear to name a few.

Take that Xbox users!
didexo5 years ago
I have PS3 but seriously I think they are the same.
xACIDITYx8 years ago
Graphics-wise, the 360 is able to render more.

Game-wise, the 360 has a larger library

Game-wise, the 360 has more "big" games (Gears, halo, bioshock, fallout, etc.)

Online-wise, the 360's XBL is often cited as well worth the money.

Unfortunately, 33% of the first 360's got teh red ring. Nowadays, with the hardware revision and the "Falcon" chip, the chance of getting it is significantly lower, as long as you keep it in a well ventilated area.

Anyway, the 360 seems like the Clear winner In my opinion. Plus it's cheaper :D
 Sorry but i like bashing 360ers as they say that Graphics wise the 360 wins 
Yeah right go on google images type in 360 vs ps3 screenshots and reply that the graphics are better.
or go buy a PS3, put it next to the 360 and watch the 360 resent being born as it does not have wifi or anything else
Thank you and have a nice day!=) 
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