PS3 or x-box 360

This is my situation: 1. My best friend lives right next to me and owns a 360. I can go an play his all the time. 2. The price is not important (I've saved up) 3. I don't have an HDTV 4. I want the best graphics Which console should I buy? Will the PS3 come out on top in a year or so?

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JACKBARRY5 years ago
badams195 years ago
skeddy955 years ago
The 360 is definately the best hands down halo and gears of war are some of the best games ever and you cant even play them on ps3 also on ps3 the internet might be free but it will always be worse than xbox live because more people would rather pay for live then get it for free and have it lag you out every other game, i think 360 is much much better.
Halo and Gears of war are the lamest games in the world, have you ever played Uncharted or God of War on an Xbox 360.

Thats right you havn't so buy a PS3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uncharted wasnt even tht good of a game but god of war was awesome but there are so many better games for 360 than ps3 and the online is better on 360 its more stable.
Ahhhhhhh No, Uncharted was the king, PS3 also has LBP, Gran Turismo, The Last of Us, Kill Zone, Loco Roco, Resistance and Metal Gear to name a few.

Take that Xbox users!
didexo5 years ago
I have PS3 but seriously I think they are the same.
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Graphics-wise, the 360 is able to render more.

Game-wise, the 360 has a larger library

Game-wise, the 360 has more "big" games (Gears, halo, bioshock, fallout, etc.)

Online-wise, the 360's XBL is often cited as well worth the money.

Unfortunately, 33% of the first 360's got teh red ring. Nowadays, with the hardware revision and the "Falcon" chip, the chance of getting it is significantly lower, as long as you keep it in a well ventilated area.

Anyway, the 360 seems like the Clear winner In my opinion. Plus it's cheaper :D
 Sorry but i like bashing 360ers as they say that Graphics wise the 360 wins 
Yeah right go on google images type in 360 vs ps3 screenshots and reply that the graphics are better.
or go buy a PS3, put it next to the 360 and watch the 360 resent being born as it does not have wifi or anything else
Thank you and have a nice day!=) 
if you buy a kinect then it has wifi and its online is much better to its not free and crappy.ps3 are terrible compared to 360s the only things tht the ps3 has is better qaulity in some games and better internet streaming such as youtube. the ps3 also has some games tht 360 doesnt have but the 360s got a bunch of games the ps3 doesnt have noones gonna be playing halo4 on a ps3:)
Oh boy, wifi totally takes the cake! I have a wifi addon for the xbox, and sure it costs $100 more, but the thing is that it's worth it - Xbox LIVE is far superior to the PSN.
Look here.

Also, this.
The Xbox 360 had better graphics in almost all the games we examined. The 360's biggest victories were in Madden 07 and Fight Night Round 3, where the differences in texture detail and lighting stood out in our comparison shots. We couldn't capture this in the screenshots, but the Xbox 360 games generally offered better framerates too.
what? PS3 has bioshock and fallout AND littlebig planet AND resistance and rachet and clank and many other games the xbox doesnt have.

PS3 has better graphics
Graphics-wise, the 360 is able to render more.
No, the PS3 has way better graphics processing power.

Game-wise, the 360 has a larger library
That is the only good thing.

Game-wise, the 360 has more "big" games
No, as the PS3 disc is Blu Ray which has about 60 gb of data storage as opposed to the HD-DVD. Therefore all 360's have smaller games than PS3

Online-wise, the 360's XBL is often cited as well worth the money.
With PS3 you don't have to pay to go online, so it is free but you still must go to register so there are no nooby spammers.

Unfortunately, 33% of the first 360's got teh red ring. Nowadays, with the hardware revision and the "Falcon" chip, the chance of getting it is significantly lower, as long as you keep it in a well ventilated area.

PS3 doesn't have that problem.

Therefore, PS3 is better.
Merugop ajleece8 years ago
Ps network sucks ballls..... why okay let me demonstrate Psn-cheap-no money don't care-psn sucks Xbox live gold-not-free-we get payd for it so we dosomthing about it-Live rocks i've got an ps3 and xbox 360 my opinion xbox rocks
ajleece Merugop8 years ago
Silly Fanboy. BOTH OF US.
Merugop ajleece8 years ago
ajleece Merugop8 years ago
Oh, and PS3 has more rendering capacity. But at the moment, it isn't being used that much. XBOX360 has reached the capacity of it's processing power, however, PS3, has only just started shining! Have you seen Killzone 2? HHOOLLYY SSHHIITT! It's epic. And the ps3 network, it has been dramatically upgraded.
Merugop ajleece8 years ago
i'm playing it when im bored yuplooks good but the thing is i don't like killzone
ajleece Merugop8 years ago
Oh, and PS3 has more rendering capacity. But at the moment, it isn't being used that much. XBOX360 has reached the capacity of it's processing power, however, PS3, has only just started shining! Have you seen Killzone 2? HHOOLLYY SSHHIITT! It's epic. And the ps3 network, it has been dramatically upgraded.
1. Source? From what I've seen from the IGN or cnet(?) graphics comparison, the 360 rendered more things than the ps3 was capable of.

2. Doesn't even deserve a response.

3. I meant "big" as in killer apps. What was the main selling point for the ps3? Hmm? 360 has Gears 2, CoD, and the Halo series. Ps3 has... LBP and MGS4, which aren't even "killer apps".

4. So since it's free, it's better? Not by any means. See, you get what you pay for. And since you don't pay, you get... slow (and laggy, in my experience) online play.

5. So since the ps3 didn't have that problem (aside from the mass firmware issue which bricked many ps3s. Never heard of it?), that makes it better? Microsoft has taken care of the problem, and even with the problem, the 360 continues to outsell the ps3.
I would get PS3, its the best and overall most succesful. When Diablo 3 Guide is released on consoles will be great
modaawesome5 years ago
ps3 has free internet if that dosent tell you than ask me for more (i have 3 ps3's)
Steamdnt8 years ago
It's an opinion nowadays, they are more or less equal, Both the Ps3 and 360 have been improved majorly, the 360's Hardware revisions have battled with the RROD problem ( the only real fix is for factories to use leaded solder)
   a great example of this is Borderlands, by gearbox studios, The game is...Identical, the graphics are the exact same. the PS3 has more power, but it is not being used in Mulitplatform games.  As for exclusives I prefer the PS3 because they seem to have more diversity, the big thing I noticed was that the 360 had a rather large impressive library, but what constitued most was Shooters,and I have tastes other than exploding peoples heads with huge guns.

  The 360 controller is Nice, but the fact that you need to buy a Charge and play pack for it killed it for me, I liked how the PS3 controller had  a built in battery. I have also noticed that the XBOX controller is nice and sturdy, but it does not fit in my hands, and I experience some numbness after long hours of play. the Dualshock is my favored controller, it fits in my hand perfectly and I like it very much.
   Online is a touchy subject. I do believe that Microsofts LIVE serivece has been overhyped by videogame retailers, basically what it comes down to is, Do you want to pay over and over again for a game that you have purchased?.
  To avoid the flamewar that I think I just started,

 I will stick with my Dreamcast.
ll.1310 years ago
PC. I personally think console are a waste of money as a computer can do general usage (internet browsing, etc.) conveniently, and there are plenty good games out there, and also you have a whole keyboard/80+ keys to bind for different actions.
 Yeah cause PC has a rep of being the most virus free computer
the last decent system was xp
Windows 7 and vista are below Windows 98
Merugop ll.138 years ago
if you buy a console you can be sure that it works by a pc-rom you need to check the specs
 Go to best buy ask a techie what the pros and cons are to both and you will see that if price dosn't matter than PS3 wins. X360 is for I want to play all day and night and pay $60 a year to play halo with friends where as the PS3 has
1. No Bugs 
2. Not as good online BUT Wifi included!
3. GRAPHICS are stunning ask to see the Uncharted 2 Trailer
4. Overall game experience WIN
yourcat8 years ago

cause I hate both $ony and M$...

yeah, Nintendo doesn't nearly keep up in the graphics department, but they're cheap, fun, and they don't get the red ring of death...
Merugop yourcat8 years ago
Cheap?????????/// i payed 150 euros for a piece of junk I've luckily got the ring of death twice got 1 year free leve gold Xbox 360 is better
yourcat Merugop8 years ago
Okay, cheaper... Now that I got my PC working how I want it, I couldn't care less about consoles anyway.
Merugop yourcat8 years ago pc still sucks i want a new one
theque10 years ago
Overall, i think that the xbox 360 is better. The ps3 could be really good, but the release games were sh** and there hasnt been really any good releases for the system that isnt already out on the xbox. As well xbox 360 has the good xbox live feature, as well a many games for it that are for the computer. There are just too many things to say about the 360. Although one thing to be cautious about buying one, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH IT, mine broke within 2 months of purchase,(the disk drive is screwed up), the system was moved around too much. So if you do end up buying an xbox 360, take really good care of it, be sure to put it in a spot where it wont overheat,theres not much dust, and wont fall over. This is the main reason i havent had my xbox 360 fixed in a bit, i dont want to pay a few hundred dollars to have it break again. As of taking the most abuse, nintendo consoles have lasted me longer than anything.
Merugop theque8 years ago
if you compare it with the graphics of sitl sucks
bloody098610 years ago
Xbox 360.

-Good Games
-Backwards Compatibility (I don't think PS3 has that.)
-Much More Games To Choose From
-Pretty Good Graphics
-Better Controller Design
-Xbox LIVE
-Can Connect To a Computer's Media Center

-Known For Heating Up and Being Returned For Fixing
-You Pretty Much Have To Buy A Cooler If You Expect On Keeping It (Nyko's Intercooler EX is pretty good. Never had any problems with both old and new)
-Some Accessories Are Over Priced To Some (Like 512MB Memory Card)

Though since you said you wanted the "Best Graphics" I might suggest the PS3. Though Xbox360 is still better. The PS3 will not rise up to the top. (Which is what I think.) I have never liked the playstations.
Oh yeah forgot, another Pro is that the controller for the Xbox 360 can be used with your computer. Though I suggest getting a wired controller for that since I have heard that the wireless receiver that connects to your PC (For Wireless Xbox360 Controllers) steals a lot of power from your PC.
The controller is lopsided... "Known For blowing Up and Being Returned For Fixing" if you can find the pieces...
Merugop Ashinka8 years ago
.............................holding the playstation controller is like holding a dead fish
usb slots supply only 5 volts. i really doubt it steal that much power as to be a problem.
I just hear that. I don't really have one. Just a little warning was all. Heres a link though: LINK
a usb hub would easily fix this problem. plus, it adds usb slots in an easy to access location. the article does not specify weather the problem occurs with motherboard usb or a pci card usb. this problem probably applies mainly to older motherboards, or systems with crappy psu's
Well, my post will still be there in case Toddson has an old motherboard, or has a crappy psu.
sounds good. also, if you do have a crappy psu or mobo, you could open up the xbox controller, and wire the power and ground leads from the usb port to the 5 volt rails and ground lines on the psu directly.
Ashinka9 years ago
Xbox sux, dont ask me why. The only thing it has going for it is a huge game selection, the ps3 I think should have come later by 2010-2011. by the time blu-ray discs are common. I say Ps3. even if it is NOT backwards compatible with the ps2 and ps. its still great. and very easy to use. Buy the 60GB version you'll be happy you didnt throw away money on Lamebox360
Ashinka Ashinka9 years ago
ooh forgot, 60GB version IS backwards compatible with ps2 only I think, but who plays ps1 anymore?
Merugop Ashinka8 years ago
i did but my plastation 1 exploded when i inserted fifa The playstation 2 ater a week of playing the 2 the controller port wasnot usable
8bit Ashinka9 years ago
Ashinka Ashinka9 years ago
I am a fanboy and proud of it, No offense to anybody but the lamebox 360 has about.. I dont know, 360? reasons for being lame.

1)Its ugly
2)199$ wasted
3)blows up
4)for nerds
5)Xbox live, is bull
6)Lopsided controllers
7)Ugly controllers
8)fat Controllers
9)game Cases are ugly
10)Boxes are ugly
11)boxes are flimsy
12)only fit to play sonic unleashed or something lame,
13)Cant boast to friends

And much, much more,
In the meantime I'll check this out

Watch it, I think you'll love it
wussap Ashinka9 years ago
bakenbitz10 years ago
I would definitely choose the xbox 360. The games on it are so much better than the ps3. Halo 3, Bioshock, Oblivion, Assassins Creed are all awsome games for the 360.
all those games are avavaible in the '3 too,
Not halo...
Yeah, such a lame doesnt deserve to be even kept next to a ps3,
Ashinka Ashinka9 years ago
such a Lame "Game" sorry missed it,
Merugop Ashinka8 years ago
.................halo-killzone GoW-.........................thats an hard one..... Little big planet-a dead cow!?
Why do you end your sentences with commas?
Haha! That is funny that he did it... :-)
BuilderLoon8 years ago
what would u rather have Halo or something Fable or Little Big planet Xbox or PS3
PKTraceur8 years ago
God, thats the longest comment ive made.... whoa.... 20 minutes to make...
comodore9 years ago
Xbox 360!
Plasmana9 years ago
I would go for Xbox 360.
xbox360 all the way whooooooooooooooo
ll.1310 years ago
I'm guessing you know? :-|
tech-king10 years ago
another advantage of XBOX 360: many mod tutorials already on the internet.
Danny10 years ago
Without a shadow of a doubt, Xbox 360, I am fairly new to Xbox so i'm not biased so the reason is because a few of my friends have the ps3 and after playing my Xbox have admitted that they should have bought one instead, other advantages are:

-Xbox live is AWSOME!.
-Games are cheaper than PS3.
-A huge range of games than the few games from PS3.
-Halo. XD.
-Graphics fairly the same.
-Graphics work well, even without a HD ready TV.
-I find the controller more comfortable after getting used to it

and the list go on


-Early batches overheated and melted
-The infamous "RED CIRCLE OF DEATH!"
-Some don't like the controller
-Not brand new so u cant brag ;)

cant think of any more =P
ll.1310 years ago
You do NOT need a "gaming" PC, a PC can be made for the same price as a console and play the latest games (except Crysis)
tech-king10 years ago
x box is soo much better. the ps3 has a lot of designe oversites, and is already heading to last place for 2007. plus, you pay extra for a blue ray reader, but blue ray dvds arent out yet.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
PS3 has better graphics, but xbox360 has better, cheaper games. Xbox live is nice too. What state do you live in? Just making sure you're nsot my neighbor ;)