So, I just got a PSP. I have problems. It was fine before, but I charged it. after that, I play it again, and i can't play the games from my memory stick! Help please? oh, and where exactly is the memory stick located? is it visible like a UMD or something?

Juklop5 years ago
Try shaking it a lot. Iunno.
Stannum5 years ago
That aplication darkalex made is a custom firmware. You need it to play games from memory stick (it is hidden below the left transparent button).
I don't think you could downgrade and upload custom firmware by yourself, so you know: google saves!
Check on eBay, too!
whatsisface6 years ago
You must be using custom firmware to be playing games from a memory stick, either that or they're demos.
or have 1.5 and use an application like... uhhh.. I forgot the name of it... something darkalex made.
Still just as doubtful if he just got it, unless it's unupdated second hand.
Try formatting it.

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